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About Us

Pragmatic Works mission is to help Microsoft SQL Server developers and DBAs operate more efficiently with innovative products that support the entire data platform. The company accomplishes this by offering software that simplifies the development and management of SQL Server, as well as by delivering top-tier SQL Server trainers and consultants for your most complex data management, big data, cloud and business intelligence projects. Pragmatic Works has served more than 7,500 customers globally, across multiple industries including banking, insurance, financial, automotive and education.

Pragmatic Works Headquarters

400 College Dr. Suite 216
Middleburg, FL 32068
Hotline: (904) 638-5743
Fax: (760) 462-3959
Sales: sales@pragmaticworks.com
Support: support@pragmaticworks.com

Company Culture

We take a lot of pride in the culture we've built with all of our employees. Our employees enjoy what they do because they all have the same mission. Our company culture is more than a poster hanging on the wall or a laminated sheet in someone's cube. It's our mantra.

  • Be Humble: Have confidence but remain humble no matter how big you become. Its fine to say I dont know or I need Help.
  • Deliver Wow: Do something to hear the audible "Wow!" from a customer. Go the extra mile and never settle for good enough.
  • Achieve Mastery: Technology is an art and master it like an artist. The journey is just as important as reaching the destination.
  • Value Community and Mentorship: Foster growth through mentoring and teaching others. Lead through example.
  • Every Second Counts: Be efficient and thrive at execution. Never hide behind email when a call could be more productive.
  • Be Fun, Creative, and a Little Weird: Every session you do, inject your personality and flair.

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Principal Partners

Brian Knight
Brian Knight , CEO

Brian Knight, SQL Server MVP, MCITP, is the co-founder of SQLServerCentral.com, JumpstartTV.com, andwas on the Principal Board of Directors of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS). Brian is a contributing columnist for many industry magazines and sites. He has co-authored and authored more than 15 technology books. Brian has spoken at dozens of conferences like PASS, SQL Connections and TechEd and many Code Camps.
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Tim Moolic
Tim Moolic , COO

Tim Moolic has more than 15 years of experience executing sales, marketing and alliance strategies for software and consulting companies. Tim founded his first software and consulting business in 1996 and has worked with a wide range of enterprise software solutions including systems management, automated testing, database and online collaboration tools. As Principal with Pragmatic Works, he has helped the company grow from its first sale to more than 4000 customers worldwide with a focus on the SQL Server DBA, Developer and the Power BI Data Consumer. Tim continues to help guide the company by identifying innovative and valuable offerings for its tools, training and consulting businesses that support the Microsoft SQL Server Platform, SQL Server Azure and Microsoft Power BI users.

Adam Jorgensen
Adam Jorgensen , President Pragmatic Works Consulting

Adam Jorgensen, MBA, MCDBA, MCITP: BI has over a decade of experience leading organizations around the world in developing and implementing enterprise solutions. His passion is finding new and innovative avenues for clients and the community to embrace business intelligence and lower barriers to implementation. Adam's focus is on mentoring senior management and technical teams as he helps them to realize the value in the data they already own, while accelerating the technology learning curve. Adam is also very involved in the community as a featured author on SQLServerCentral, SQLShare, as well as a regular contributor to the SQLPASS Virtual User Groups for Business Intelligence and other organizations. He regularly speaks at industry group events, major conferences, Code Camps, and SQLSaturday events on strategic and technical topics.
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Sam Washburn
Sam Washburn , Technical Director, Pragmatic Works Consulting

Sam Washburn has over 30 years experience helping organizations across the size spectrum select and implement IT solutions to improve their operation and bottom line results. Sam has led strategic consulting projects analyzing regional and international markets for Microsofts hosted application offerings. During the 1990s, Sam cofounded BookingPlus Inc., a web based hosted application providing an online booking and reservation system to service based businesses. Sam was VP of engineering and built a robust SQL Server database foundation leveraging the Microsoft Business Intelligence technologies at BookingPlus. Prior to that Sam held IT positions in financial services, petroleum, and consulting fields.

John Welch
John Welch , Vice President of Product Development

John Welch leads the development of a suite of products that make developing, managing, and documenting data solutions easier. John has been successfully delivering IT solutions to business problems since 1994, and has been focused on business intelligence and data warehousing technologies since 2001. He is a Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP), and a frequent presenter on SQL Server and data topics. He also contributes to several open source projects and community initiatives targeted toward making data professionals work more productive.

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