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Discover amazing career opportunities with Pragmatic Works in project consulting, customer support, product development and sales.

Job Opportunities with Pragmatic Works

What types of jobs are available?

At Pragmatic Works you will be working right away in your current skill set while we work together to expand your experience through new and exciting projects. Our in house mentoring program pairs you with the best minds in the business and the most efficient methods of applying your experience to a new technology.

We have a wide array of positions available including those in BI and DBA consulting, customer support, sales, product and web development.



How has Pragmatic Works grown over time?

Our growth over the last few years has been tremendous. Our partnerships with Microsoft and other vendors provide great avenues for new business ventures, increased delivery pipeline and expanded marketing reach. Our innovative technique for reaching clients and making the technology real to them is unrivaled in the industry. We remain committed to quality, diversity, and excellence of character in all we do.


Will I get to play with the hottest new technology?


OF COURSE! Our relationships with partners such as Microsoft and HP keep us on the cutting edge of things like Parallel Data Warehouse, Fast Track DW, new hardware based appliance solutions, Alpha and interim beta builds of SQL Server products and the latest in SharePoint and other tools. One of our primary goals is to get you exposed to these as early as possible so that we continue to have the best prepared team in the business.


Pragmatic Works Benefits:


Be a part of a unique company culture: Pragmatic Works company culture allows employees to advance quickly while learning from and working with industry experts.


Work with your favorite authors: You could have the opportunity to co-author industry leading publications through Pragmatic Works close publishing ties and relationships. We also offer a number of whitepapers, produce weekly webinars, and professional video training


Work with elite clients: Pragmatic Works partners with high profile clients on a wide range of exciting and diverse projects.


Get community days and dollars: Pragmatic Works encourages active community involvement, and as an employee you may participate in our Community Days and Dollars Program to help reward your hard work for the community.

Gain travel opportunities and travel compensation: Pragmatic Works has clients all over the world, and you will have opportunities to travel and participate in travel bonus programs. We try to limit employee travel to 50% to promote a healthy work/community/personal balance.


 Devin Knight and Brad Schacht


Brian Knight, Mike Davis and Adam Jorgensen wearing SQL Saturday Hawaiian Shirts  


Adam, Brad, Jorge, Gareth, and Tom at SQL Saturday Jacksonville 2012


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