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With the right team, the right knowledge and the right solutions, your business can operate optimally and leverage data as an asset. Our team of consultants are Microsoft MVPs with real-world experience and in-depth insight to deliver successful data platform solutions at all levels. The strong relationship we’ve built over the years with Microsoft positions us as the best partner to advise you on your data journey.

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Pragmatic Works takes a modern approach to staffing by ensuring you have the right resources with the technical skills to match your company’s needs and that those resources are backed by our consulting team experts.

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Data Lifecycle Optimization

Treating your data lifecycles like the circulatory system of your company allows you to approach it’s design, implementation and optimization with the right perspective and avoid potential imbalance resulting in performance degradation and missed opportunities. Our Data Lifecycle Optimization strategy is the leading framework for assessing, planning, optimizing and maturing your data lifecycle. This framework was born out of the collective expertise of Pragmatic Works and cultivated into a model that:

  • Creates remarkable value in measurable and repeatable ways
  • Increases the maturity of the strategies, systems, tools and teams involved
  • Leverages the best methods and techniques to achieve the most mature and impactful data experience for your organization

Data Lifecycle Optimization (DLO) is centered on the 6 stages of a successful data lifecycle which address strategy, tactics, readiness and tooling. Embracing a strategy that focuses on business readiness and data integrity will not only empower your business decisions, it will position your organization for growth and innovation.

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