Big Data Architecture and Deployment

For several years now, we’ve been guiding clients through expanding their data platform capabilities to include less traditional forms of analysis. These Big Data efforts are largely focused on providing another platform option within their “data-structure” to provide scale out of batch types of workloads that statisticians, marketing, business analysts and operational teams desire. Continuing advancements have made the technologies supporting these efforts more accessible to organizations and, as a result, integrated solutions provide unparalleled access to these tools and infrastructures. Whether you are an experienced organization or looking to add value to your existing data platform, we are the recognized industry leader.

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Big Data Architecture Assessment

To clearly define recommendations for data platform expansion, our team reviews the business and data environment in a Big Data Architecture Assessment. The architecture is evaluated for data ingestion, storage, processing, visualization and collaboration and their associated Azure technologies. From there, recommendations for a logical solution architecture are delivered.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Prioritized recommendations for data platform expansion
  • Leverage Big Data industry experts
  • Little to no hardware acquisition and maintenance

Big Data Architecture Roadmap and Implementation

As leaders in Big Data Architecture, we can help you develop a logical solution architecture for data platform expansion to cloud and hybrid development and execute a detailed implementation plan. These analytical upgrades and architectural enhancements will drive better business decisions within your organization.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Professional execution of Big Data architecture roadmap and implementation
  • Added value to your business with dynamic analytic enhancements

Real Time Streaming Analytics Implementation

For organizations interested in obtaining insights from difficult, large non-traditional data sources in near real time, we have the experience to enable solutions and scalability that are not feasible with traditional architectures. We’ll evaluate your business and data environment to finalize requirements and success criteria and implement a solution potentially including event hubs, blob storage, Data Factory, Azure SQL Database, HDInsight, Azure Stream Analytics, machine learning, Power BI and more.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Empower your users beyond traditional BI
  • Rapidly develop real time analytic solutions to identify insights from devices, sensors, or applications
  • Enjoy the benefits of running your business with the latest BI tools offered by Microsoft
  • Mentorship and training for your internal IT team

Hadoop Implementation

Another method of obtaining insights from difficult, large non-traditional data sources is through a Hadoop Implementation. Our team can develop and deploy a prototype Hadoop HDInsight solution. We’ll automate the configuration, tear down and scaling of the environment while mentoring your internal IT team on using the Hadoop stack technologies.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Accelerate deployment and configuration of platform
  • Leverage industry expertise with Hadoop training and mentorship for your IT team

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