Business and Predictive Analytics

Whether it’s researching customer and competitor insights, better product design and marketing or operational efficiency, analytics are driving more and more of today’s business decisions. Reaching this point is the pinnacle of a mature data lifecycle as it requires all the other lifecycle stages to align in supporting the right data availability, at the right speed and with the right integration to other sources of information. The business analytics experience and expertise of our consultants enables them to develop and implement best in business solutions for our clients as well as provide top-notch mentorship to their employees.

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Analytics By Industry

Pragmatic Works' mission is to empower our clients to improve their business by leveraging their data. Through predictive analytics and machine learning, we help organizations anticipate business factors that lead to improved marketing efforts and customer relationship management. We develop analytics solutions specifically tailored to your industry and to meet your company's needs.

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Business Assessment

Successful analytics solutions require all stages of your data lifecycle to line up for proper support. In a Business and Predictive Analytics Assessment, our team evaluates your data lifecycle and provides recommendations to clean up and enhance the other stages while also creating a detailed roadmap for implementing an advanced analytics strategy. Our recommendations and roadmap will bring a competitive advantage to your business and enable you to make better decisions through better data.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Leadership on how to best structure, analyze and report on your data
  • Roadmap for dramatic data lifecycle and analytic enhancements
  • Advanced analytics strategy to boost your competitive advantage

Business Planning and Forecasting

Organizations frequently perform forecasting with outdated algorithms, which puts revenue planning and operational decision making at risk of being inaccurate. To increase accuracy, our team establishes specific business forecasting use cases and success criteria based on the Business and Predictive Analytics Assessment to design and evaluate predictive models. This process will determine the algorithm that most accurately predicts the desired outcome. Web services like Microsoft Power BI are utilized to deploy and consumed the predictive model.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Improved accuracy of forecasting
  • Reduced costs through operational efficiencies
  • Accurate data for making realistic performance benchmarks and business comparisons

Marketing Optimization

Over the years, we’ve worked with numerous marketing departments within organizations of all sizes to increase marketing efficiency. As a result, we’ve modeled an engagement to meet the specific needs of marketing to use powerful analytics to reduce costs and increase ROI by delivering the correct campaigns to the appropriate customer groups.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Optimize marketing effectiveness
  • Increased ROI and reduced costs
  • Powerful insights to get your marketing message in front of the right audience

Customer Churn Analytics

When your business can identify customers that are likely to churn before they actually do so, you’re provided the opportunity to perform retention tactics. This valuable window of time can greatly reduce the probability of churning. When coupled with customer segmentation based on profitability or other features derived from your data, retention activities can be fine-tuned and made even more sophisticated.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Increased retention and reduced customer churn
  • Reduced reliance on discounting and special offers
  • Improved profitability

Data Analytics in the Cloud

As Microsoft continues to rapidly deliver new tools to the cloud, we have the opportunity to utilize new technologies such as Azure Machine Learning to enhance the data analysis solution for our customers. These newer tools allow us even more flexibility and capability in solution design as we move to the cloud. Our team of Microsoft MVPs can walk you through the process of getting your data secured and deployed online so you can take advantage of the efficiencies of the cloud. We’re experienced in creating self-service, localized and enterprise solutions in the cloud.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Reduced deployment concerns and hardware costs
  • Leverage rapid deployment and elastic environments provided by cloud data solutions
  • Expert deployment of a cloud-based analytics solution

Our Experts

Ginger Grant

Having worked with the Microsoft BI stack for many years, Ginger is exploring new challenges by applying her data expertise to the expanding field of Data Science and Data Visualization. As a senior consultant at Pragmatic Works, she has been able to use R and Machine Learning to explore data and with various algorithms to answer many different business questions. To formalize her skills in Data Science, Ginger is part of the pilot degree program Microsoft created for Data Science. The degree program, in addition to regular blogging at and speaking at numerous technical events, such as PASS Events, GPI and Women Who Code, keeps her busy. An active member of the Microsoft data community, she was recently awarded a Microsoft MVP in Data Platform.

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