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Performance is always a priority. Businesses are focused on forward movement and that means more work for the data platform and the teams that support it. Our team knows the right way to identify performance goals, assess current enterprises and implement optimization plans to make your data lifecycle best in business.

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Data Platform Assessment

Data platform performance issues can have a substantial impact on your bottom line. By analyzing and reviewing your data platform and practices, our team of expert consultants will identify known and unknown issues that are interfering with your organization’s ability to leverage its data. The findings will be presented along with performance optimization recommendations and a roadmap for implementation.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Identify and resolve bottlenecks and design challenges in your environment
  • Pinpoint performance concerns with data platform
  • Validation or checkup for unknown performance issues

Data Transformation Assessment

With our Data Transformation Assessment, our team can identify any performance concerns with the processes that transform data within your environment including SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Azure Data Factory (ADF). Based on our findings, we provide optimization recommendations and a solution roadmap.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Confidence that your data processes adhere to service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Maximize your knowledge of existing tools and processes
  • Documentation of performance resolution

Data/BI Platform Scale Up and Scale Out Assessment

The size and scale of data has an impact on the architecture of data solutions. Let us help you understand the size and scale limitations of your current platform, and the options and investments required to move forward. Through this engagement, we identify options for the scaling your platform requires. From hardware upgrades to virtualization to cloud, we can identify the right solution that fits your need.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Understand current platform’s size and scale limitations
  • Receive a roadmap with best options to scale your platform
  • Reduction in long running ETL jobs and queries

Data Platform Performance Implementation

Once performance issues have been identified within your data platform, let us help you resolve them with our years of experience. While resolving the performance issues within your data platform, our team will also work to prevent them in the future.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Top-notch mentorship from Microsoft MVPs in building optimal data platforms
  • Resolved performance concerns with data platform
  • Have an experienced team step in with the skills and time to remediate issues that cannot be fixed internally

Data/BI Platform Scale Up and Scale Out Implementation

Whether you’re scaling to a larger box, an appliance like APS or the cloud, we provide the expertise to develop an optimal migration plan in our Data/BI Platform Scale Up and Scale Out Implementation. Whether the path is lift and shift or a rearchitecture, we work with your team to leverage our experience and best practices throughout the migration.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Implementation of a data platform scale solution introducing new technologies
  • Optimal migration path and accelerated platform adoption
  • Environment configuration and data platform deployment documentation

Data Platform Performance Mentoring

When performance issues are affecting your users and your customers, our team can step in to guide and mentor your team through identifying the issues, developing a resolution and organizing a team to prevent issues in the future. We work with your team to remediate the issues and execute the roadmap from the discovery. As the engagement proceeds, your staff is mentored throughout maturing the staff and platform in unison.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Top-notch mentorship from Microsoft MVPs in building optimal data platforms
  • Address and resolve performance concerns with data platform
  • Through check for unknown performance issues

Our Experts

Jason Horner

Jason Horner is a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server and Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) that has been working with SQL Server for over 10 years. He began working with SQL Server as a DBA/Application Developer in 1999, starting with version 6.5. He made the transition to delivering BI solutions in 2002 and began working with spatial data in 2008. His latest focus has been architecting large-scale spatially enabled BI solutions.

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