Optimizing Your Business

Data is the lifeblood of a successful business. It flows through an organization, providing energy to each department and empowering leaders to make better business decisions. Without it, organizations struggle with confidence and spend money on unnecessary investments. To optimize your data is to optimize your business. This optimization is not a single task - it's a process.

What is DLO?

Businesses who treat their data lifecycles like the circulatory system of their company approach it’s design, implementation and optimization with the right perspective and avoid potential imbalance resulting in performance degradation and missed opportunities. Embracing a strategy that focuses on business readiness and data integrity will not only empower your business decisions, it will position your organization for growth and innovation.

Our Data Lifecycle Optimization strategy is the leading framework for assessing, planning, optimizing and maturing your data lifecycle. Our approach creates remarkable value in measurable and repeatable ways while increasing the maturity of the strategies, systems, tools and teams involved. Additionally, our Pragmatic Workbench Bundle of our software enhances the optimization process with tools and components to simplify the development and management of SQL Server.

Data Lifecycle Optimization (DLO) is centered on the 6 stages of a successful data lifecycle which address strategy, tactics, readiness and tooling. This framework was born out of the collective expertise of Pragmatic Works and cultivated into a model that leverages the best methods and techniques to achieve the most mature and impactful data experience for your organization.

Architecture and Configuration is the foundation and starting point of enterprise data platforms. This foundation addresses strategic components, infrastructure concerns such as hosting, network, storage and licensing as well as enterprise platforms including SQL Server, analytic tools and visualization products. A solid architecture considers emerging and growing technologies, like cloud and non-traditional data and focuses on value creation, capabilities and agility through delivering a dependable platform.

Our volatile world often makes our data unsafe. Mature data lifecycles are prepared and have plans in place to ensure little to no disruptions from the world around it. In the past, on premises databases and applications were highly-valued, but with cloud technology, resolute enterprise data structures provide for continuity of the entire business to ensure optimal performance in any situation. With analytics and non-traditional data analysis, third-party tools and cloud implications, these architectures are more challenging to successfully design and implement.

The vast majority of our clients have noted performance as a top priority. When your business is focused on forward movement, that means more work for the data platform and the teams that support it which can lead to performance issues. Understanding the right way to identify performance goals, assess current enterprise and implement an optimization plan are imperative to making your data lifecycle performance best in business.

Business intelligence is the backbone of a good analysis platform. It begins with a departmental effort and expands to become a true enterprise solution. Made up of data warehouses, ETL and OLAP platforms and reporting, these solutions are some of the most applauded or criticized in the organization. As they grow, they require routine checkups to ensure they are meeting the needs of the business and providing the promised value. Truly valuable enterprise business intelligence solutions are tightly integrated with transactional or business systems, pacing their changes and release schedules. They also open their data to the more advanced specialized analysis tasks performed by data scientists or analysis developers in non-traditional platforms such as Hadoop.

As companies begin to explore the options for expanding their platform capabilities to include less traditional forms of analysis, their efforts are focusing largely on providing other platforms within their structure the option to scale out of batch types of workloads that statisticians, marketing, business analysts and operational teams desire. Technologies supporting these efforts are more accessible to organizations and integrated solutions provide unparalleled access to these tools and infrastructures.

For many of our customers, analytics are all about improving business. Whether it’s researching more insight on customers, better product design and marketing or operational efficiency, analytics are powering more and more of today’s decisions. This is the pinnacle of data lifecycle optimization. Successful analytics ecosystems require all the other stages to align in supporting the right data availability, at the right speed and with the right integration to other sources of information. Reaching this point in maturity often involves some clean-up or enhancement work on other stages but is well worth the effort.

DLO Client Solutions

We have a client solution offering for every stage of Data Lifecycle Optimization. Custom consulting engagements can be arranged for organizations with extraordinary goals. Our Microsoft MVPs have overseen hundreds of deployments and continue to advise on matters of optimization daily.

Contact us now to set up a free consultation in which one of our architects will work with you to identify where you are in the data lifecycle and what we can do together to optimize your environment.

Pragmatic Workbench

Pragmatic Workbench is an application featuring four of our best-selling products to streamline the data optimization process in the following ways:

  • BI xPress – Test, audit, notify, deploy and manage SSIS packages while increasing performance and productivity in business intelligence development and administration
  • DBA xPress – Next-generation SQL Server tools created with the professional database administrator in mind
  • DOC xPress – Rapid and complete database and BI documentation, lineage and impact analysis for SQL Server instances
  • LegiTest – Easy-to-use, automated testing for all your data-centric functions.

All of these applications can be purchased together in our Pragmatic Workbench Bundle for a significant savings of over 30%.

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By Pragmatic Works

Without data, organizations struggle with confidence and spend money on unnecessary investments due to being in a constant state of firefighting and inability to consider the future. Understanding the significance of your data lifecycle and treating it like the circulatory system of your company allows you to approach its design, implementation and optimization with the right perspective. A strategy that focuses on business readiness and data integrity will position your organization for growth and innovation.