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Join Pragmatic Works as we tour the country with our live two-day sessions on SSIS, SSRS & Performance Tuning.  We target major cities providing affordable SQL training courses sure to be near your local home base. 

Microsoft SQL industry experts delivering quality training. 

Hone Your SQL Expertise

Remote SQL Server, SharePoint and Performance Tuning training classes saving you time and money.  We offer morning and afternoon sessions providing less time away from work at a fraction of the cost.   


Increase BI Knowledge in 1 Week

The Pragmatic Works BI Quick Start provides hands on labs teaching you how to build a fully functional prototype data warehouse using SQL Server. We train you on the complete Microsoft BI Platform: SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, and SharePoint BI in 5 days. Our  Business Intelligence courses are taught in major cities throughout the United States.


Master SSIS Workshop
I have taken probably 50 training classes in my career and this one was, by far, the best one I've taken. Perfect match for what I was looking for. Great job!

- Peter Tassmer, ConnectiCare

Performance Tuning Workshop
If you have the time and money, please take the workshop. You might even learn something like this old IT guy did.

-John F Miner III, Senior SQL Developer at Total Quality Management
Performance Tuning Workshop
Class was overflowing with value delivered by extremely competent professionals and instructors and I have walked away truly enriched by it.

- Zoran Cvijetic
Sr. SQL Server DBA /
Database Systems Architect
20th Century Fox
Performance Tuning Workshop
Thank you guys so much for coming to Denver. That was the best DBA class I have taken. I really hope you're coming back next year to talk 2014!

- Michael Husler, NOAA Federal

Virtual Training

"The best providers of high quality Microsoft BI related virtual and on-site classes. Their assistance during class, hands-on approach as well as post-class help made for a great experience"

Cosmin Ioan
Sr. Data Architect at Acquinity Interactive

Virtual Training

"This is the class that got me going on SSRS. The format: a unique combination of an online class where you still could interact personally with the instructor. The class content: Starting from scratch so everyone can keep up. The instructor: I have also taken other Pragmatics webcasts and these people are specialized in BI"

-Philip Leduc

Virtual Training
If you have become or expect to become responsible for SQL Server Analysis Services in your shop you owe it to yourself to take this course.

Bryant Byrd,
Sr. BI Systems Analyst
Eastman Chemical Company

Virtual Training

"I'm impressed by the number of examples involved in the training, the affordability of the class, and more than anything, the fact that I can keep a video recording of the training after it's over. Pragmatic Works is the first place I look to and recommend for SQL training. "

Jason Hurley

Pragmatic SSAS (Online)

Duration: 4 Days
Location: Online

SSAS Training

  • Dimension Modeling
  • Cube Design
  • MDX Calculation
  • Data Mining in Depth
  • Administering SSAS
NEW IN 2013: Now includes Virtual Mentor time!

Training Course Sections

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Training Course Overview

During this 4-half day SSAS training course, you will learn how to use SSAS 2008 in your enterprise. This class takes you from the ground-up, teaching you the fundamental skills you need to develop and deploy SSAS solutions and present this new data to your end users. This class is presented in SQL Server 2008 but is appropriate for those using SQL 2005 as well. Some of the topics covered in this class are: How to develop a data warehouse for your company, how to develop a repeatable methodology for a successful SSAS project, how to create and configure a cube and dimensions, how to write MDX (the querying language for cubes), how to define calculations, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and perspectives, implementing dynamic security, how to administer and deploy SSAS, defining actions, implementing data mining, how to build office-based BI applications and dashboards, and administering SSAS.

IMPORTANT: When you purchase a seat in this class you also receive 2 hours of our BI Virtual Mentor service for assistance with YOUR project work. This remote service lets you work ONE on ONE with our BI mentors to accelerate YOUR project and further improve YOUR skills. Your Virtual Mentor hours can be used during business hours anytime during the 12 months following your class. To set up a session, download this simple questionaire, fill it out, and send it as an attachment to This unique Pragmatic Works offering insures that your training will translate into real world success for YOUR projects.

Training Course Prerequisites

The target of this class is developers, architects or IT professionals who have basic SQL skills already. This class assumes that you have no previous knowledge of OLAP or Analysis Services. Technical knowledge of basic database design concepts is assumed. It is required that you already know how to navigate around SQL Server 2005/2008 and how to query a SQL Server.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • 1 GHz or faster CPU
  • 1 GB of available RAM (recommended 2 GB)
  • 20 GB of free hard drive space
  • SQL Server Developer Edition, Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition with the client tools, SSIS and SSRS.
  • AdventureWorks2008 and AdventureWorksDW2008 databases installed on the instance.

Terms & Conditions

Class Recordings

A class recording will be available via the web for a limited time for students who missed a session. Recordings are copyright protected and may not be distributed to others.

One Student Per Seat

We limit the number of students in each class to maintain a proper student to instructor ratio. Each purchased seat in a Virtual Training class is for use by one student only.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

Students must provide at least 14 days’ notice to reschedule or withdraw from a class. In the case of withdrawal a credit will be issued for another Virtual Training class of similar value. Cancellation/reschedule with less than 14 days’ notice is subject to a fee of 100% of the total price.

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule a class up to 2 weeks prior to the start date. Any students in a cancelled or rescheduled class have the option of a refund or credit to be used for another Virtual Training class of similar value.

Training Course Outline

Download (.pdf)

Day 1 – SSAS Introduction

1. Dimension Modeling

  • Basics of data warehouse design
  • Metric Decomposition Data Profiling
  • Hands-on Lab: How to design a data warehouse example

2. SSAS Overview

  • Data Source Views
  • Cubes
  • Dimensions and Measures
  • Aggregates
  • Hands-on Lab: Creating the project and DSV.

3. Cube Design and Browsing

  • Creating the cube
  • Processing the cube
  • Exploring the various tabs
  • Browsing the cube
  • Hands-on Lab: Creating and Exploring the SSAS cube

Day 2 – The Cube in Depth

4. Dimension and Cube Editors

  • Formatting measures
  • Creating hierarchies
  • Dimension and attribute properties
  • Varying types of dimensions in SSAS
  • Defining dimension, attribute and hierarchy properties
  • Creating attribute relationships
  • Hands-on Lab: Modifying your Dimension and Cube Properties

5. Adding New Facts and Dimensions

  • Adding a new dimension table
  • Adding a new measure group and measure
  • Creating relationships between facts and dimensions
  • Hands-on Lab: Creating relationship between attributes and adding multiple fact tables

6. MDX and Calculations

  • The basics of MDX
  • Using the Business Intelligence Wizard to ease MDX creation
  • Creating calculations to simply querying of your cube
  • Hands-on Lab: Creating calculations for your end users

Day 3 – Data Mining In Depth

7. Data Mining Basics

  • The methodology needed for a data mining project
  • Creating a mining model
  • Training the mining model
  • Validating and testing the mining model
  • Predicting sales using the model
  • Hands-on Lab: Creating, testing and querying a mining model

8. Using Excel to Data Mine

  • Installing the Excel 2007 Data Mining Addin
  • Allowing business users to easily mine their data with Excel and SSAS 2007
  • Advanced mining in Excel
  • Hands-on Lab: Using Excel to easily data mine

9. Actions

  • Drilling through to data with actions
  • Opening a Reporting Services report
  • Using action to execute custom scripts
  • Hands-on Lab: Adding actions to your cube

Day 4 – SSAS User Interface and Administration

10. Reporting Services with SSAS

  • Creating a report using MDX
  • Creating a data mining report
  • Hands-on Lab: Building a cube report

11. Using Excel to Build Cube Interfaces

  • Using Office 2007 to view cube and data mining data
  • Basics of creating a thin client to show data. Students will be given a basic solution that can be used license-free to display cube data
  • Creating an offline cube experience for users
  • Hands-on Lab: Using Excel 2007 to display data

12. Administering SSAS

  • Administrating your SSAS server
  • Scheduling the processing of your cube
  • Partitioning your cube
  • Migrating changes in your cube
  • Where to store your cube’s data
  • How to secure your cube
  • Hands-on Lab: Deploying and scheduling processing of your cube
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