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Speed Up Your Documentation with DOC xPress

DOC xPress can produce robust, customizable documentation in a variety of formats to fit your business needs. With support for exporting the documentation to Word, HTML, CHM or providing it via a web server view. In addition, the documentation can be customized for different audiences, so users only see the most relevant information for their role.


Document Tons of Technologies

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DOC xPress has an expansive set of areas it can document. DOC xPress takes a metadata snapshot of nearly every property that can be captured and stores the intelligence into a shared database for your team.

In order to give users who are first trying out DOC xPress a more productive initial experience, DOC xPress provides the Solution Wizard, which guides users through configuring a solution by prompting for key pieces of information in order to pre-generate a solution. This intuitive, easy-to-use interface makes it simple for even first-time users to be productive.

Technologies Supported

  • SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS
  • Oracle
  • Tableau
  • Informatica (beta)
  • Excel
  • Hive (beta)
  • Custom Metadata Import

Document Generation Process

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The documentation generation process of DOC xPress can read from any metadata snapshot taken whether it is the most current snapshot or one taken in the past. Documentation output can be customized for a variety of audiences, as well as output to a variety of formats.

Feature Highlights

  • Generate documentation in many formats, including HTML, Word, CHM
  • Tailor output to the audience, such as developers or business analysts
  • Customize output to suit the needs of your business
  • Generate documentation about an environment instantly, without having to wait for sources to load each time you want to document
  • Generate documentation from both the most recent snapshot, as well as snapshots taken in the past
  • Track and document changes in your environment

Import External Sources

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DOC xPress imports data using a set of built-in providers. However, users have a variety of data sources, and DOC xPress allows extensibility beyond the set of built-in providers by providing the ability to create custom providers.

Feature Highlights

  • Object information and lineage endpoint names
  • Object properties
  • Lineage links

Testimonial What People Say About DOC xPress

“MetaBank (MPS) documentation is always up-to-date, so it can be leveraged as a second line of defense for our processes. Our standards are the first line, and internal audit using Workbench is the second.”

Ron Van Zanten
Ron Van Zanten
SVP of Data Systems, Meta Payment Systems

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DOC xPress offers complete documentation for SQL databases and BI applications, while also enabling business and technical users to edit and annotate their technical metadata.