Youth Technology Programs

Kids Camp

Our Youth Technology Camp is a week-long technology adventure camp which aims to help kids ages 9-16 understand the basics of programming and other fun technology-related subjects. The students will get to create their own exciting games and robots while learning fundamental technology concepts. All programming is done through a free interactive game design system called Kodu and Lego Mindstorm programmable robots. The Camp is a five day program where students learn programming principles through robotic engineering and video game design. This allows them to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts while having FUN! We promote fun challenges, and students gain authentic, hands-on experience as they engage in: Questioning, Exploring, Imagining, Designing, Constructing, Inventing, Testing, Observing, Learning, Failing (and trying again).

What is Kodu?

Kodu is a free visual programming system designed by Microsoft for kids. It provides them with easy tools and an intuitive visual menu to program games or simulations. 


Create and command robots that do what you want. Unleash the creative powers of the new LEGO MINDSTORMS set to create and command robots that walk, talk, think and do anything you can imagine. 

School of Programming

Pragmatic Works developed the School of Programming to provide students interested in the technical field with a way to jumpstart their college careers. In partnership with the Clay County School Board, Pragmatic Works provides dual enrollment courses to local high school students through Pragmatic Work's School of Programming. Pragmatic Work's School of Programming allows juniors and seniors from Middleburg High School to earn college credits by taking IT dual enrollment courses provided by St. John's River State College.

Current classes are currently full. Please check back for future dates.