Business Intelligence, the process of analyzing business data to support better decision making, has become a necessity for most businesses in today’s competitive environment. In order to bring BI to small and mid-sized companies, there needs to be a set of affordable and easy to use tools at their disposal. Microsoft has long had a vision and commitment to bringing the power of BI to the masses, and creating a set of tools and technologies to allow for self-service BI. The goal of this white paper is to expose you to the process needed to create a BISM Tabular Model in SQL Server 2012 and deploy it to an Analysis Server where it can be exposed to client applications. Interested in even MORE PowerPivot training? Don't forget to sign up for Dan's PowerPivot For the Business Analyst and Power Pivot for Techies (Online) courses!

Download Creating a BI Solution with BISM Tabular Whitepaper