by pragmatic works

Using Microsoft Azure SQL Database (V11) to host their backend database, Mobile Medsoft’s application is multi-tenant and is used by their clients 24x7. Over the lifetime of the database, it has been through a number of performance tuning projects. The latest project reduced the overall CPU footprint, thus allowing them to reduce the performance requirements of the database and use Premium Database (P1) versus a P2.

Mobile Medsoft was looking to upgrade from SQL Database V11 to V12 in order to significantly increase their performance and run time. In preparation for the upgrade, they needed to ensure that there would not be any regressions in the upgrade through performance workload tests. Mobile Medsoft required assistance in identifying additional features in V12 that they could utilize in the database. Furthermore, they needed to understand how to better secure the platform to reduce and mitigate HIPAA compliance risks.

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