Advanced Analytics Services

Analytics allow us to look ahead to what will happen in the future. Preparing for the future makes your company more profitable, insightful and effective. Pragmatic Works is the leader in analytics services. We have the industry knowledge and technology expertise to make you more successful with analytics.


Business Analytics

Analytics is the number one way to help your business save money or make more. Business or predictive analytics is the fastest growing segment, and you don’t need a team of data scientists to get your program running.

Pragmatic Works’ analytics teams bring their cross-industry expertise and agile approach to quickly deliver tangible solutions and patterns.

How we deliver:

  • We create enterprise and end user solutions to enable advanced business analysis.
  • Our deep industry expertise enables us to accelerate your process.
  • We are experts in analyzing sales, marketing and operations, and finding new opportunities in data you already have.

Do more with your data by implementing a business analytics solution.

R Server

Do your users only have data in the office, and want to use tools they already own to deliver analytics solutions? R Server allows you to develop and run R Models on your platform of choice.

Today’s world demands access to data and analysis. Pragmatic Works is experienced in a wide variety of technologies and can help you design and deliver R Models utilizing Windows, Linux, Hadoop/Spark, and more.

How we deliver:

  • Identify the best platform for your business to utilize R Server.
  • Research forecasting questions that would be good fits for R.
  • Create predictive models that meet the need for scale, security, and reliability.
  • Lead the effort with existing best practices for seamless data analysis solutions.

Your business is hungry for data, help them analyze with confidence.

Internet of Things

Do you wish your business was more connected? There are many opportunities to increase the insight through connected devices like cameras, smart buildings, operational equipment and more!

Pragmatic Works is a pioneer in the Internet of Things (IoT) market. We work with all major vendors and platforms to deliver incredible data solutions based on your IoT hardware.

How we deliver:

  • Recommend and design analysis opportunities based on your industry and capabilities.
  • Develop solutions that work across multiple platforms and systems.
  • Integrate real-time analytics and notification capabilities.

Today’s businesses are connected, and the Internet of Things is growing. Let Pragmatic Works help you get plugged in.

Cognitive Applications

Analytics can transform your applications in ways you never thought possible. Many firms have increased automation, decision making and insight by integrating analytics and cognitive capabilities into their applications.

How we deliver:

  • Design applications that can help make decisions for you.
  • Improve responsiveness and insight from existing application platforms.
  • Leverage technologies, like Microsoft Cognitive toolkit and bot frameworks, to build interactive application experience.

Move your business forward by adding analytics and cognitive capabilities to your applications.

Articles & Tutorials

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Webinars & Videos

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