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Your data platform is the backbone of your business. Pragmatic Works has designed tier 1 services for 96% of Fortune 100 firms, the US government and companies around the world. Trust our world class team to help you select and implement the right solution for your business.



Upgrades and Migrations

Do you want to ensure that your applications are running on the most secure and stable data platform available? Do you want the maximum performance available to your users and applications?

You need to choose the appropriate data platform version to support your needs, as well as put in place a roadmap to keep your data platform secure, stable, and supported.

How we deliver:

  • Analysis of supported applications to ensure data platform compatibility with all applications and services.
  • Review of your hardware platform to maximize performance with data platform upgrades.
  • Recommendations for design and development changes to maximize the performance driven by the latest features.

Virtualization & Hybrid

Are you looking for ways to maximize your hardware investment and provide more uptime for your customers? Do you want to know which data center designs, hardware, or virtualization decisions are best for your business?

You need to make sense of the rapid advances in storage and networking technology and ensure that your data platform resources are supported by an efficient technology stack.

How we deliver:

  • Assessment of current infrastructure and interviews with key stakeholders, as well as operations staff, on near-term and long-term needs.
  • Planning with development and operations teams to understand current and future support needs and proofs of concept to demonstrate the designs.
  • Recommendations and implementation to optimize infrastructure in terms of performance and cost.

Guide your team through an ever-changing, very complicated world of virtualizations and hybrid scenarios.

Performance Tuning

Are there known performance problems lurking within your supported applications? Do you want to do a proactive performance analysis to catch performance issues before customers report them to you?

Your database development and operations staff need the tools to correct current performance issues within your application, as well as a deep understanding of how to avoid those issues in the future.

How we deliver:

  • Discussions with development and operations staff to understand current performance pain points.
  • Deep analysis of data platform codebase to uncover coding anti-patterns and design issues.
  • Review of supporting infrastructure and recommendations, as needed, to help hardware and software work together for optimal performance.

Let us help improve your current application performance and put your team on the path to scale up successfully!

High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Do you want to provide your users and customers a rock-solid application platform? Are you worried that the next “application outage” headline may be for an application you and your company support?

Your team needs help to provide the data platform uptime that your customers expect and demand.

How we deliver:

  • Top-to-bottom review of current infrastructure from hardware, software, and security perspectives.
  • Discussions to understand customer requirements for uptime, SLAs and legal requirements for uptime, and other operational parameters.
  • In-depth work with the team to not only provide recommendations for HA/DR design, but shoulder-to-shoulder work walking them through design, setup, and support.

Keep your team’s support lines quiet at night, and your customers comfortable that you’ll be there when they need you. Let us help put you on the path to data platform stability today!

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