Digital Transformation

Today’s corporate strategy is focused on transforming their use of technology and data. Pragmatic Works has been the leader in digital and data strategy for over a decade. We partner with you to find a transformation plan and then execute it together.


Organizational Strategy

Do you feel like your business is moving faster than ever? Are you prepared with a strategy to handle a growing business and new internal demands with speed, innovation and efficiency?

We can help you cut through the many strategy options, platforms and promises, and focus on how data can empower your business, grow customer value, create better products and improve operations.

How we deliver:

  • Assess your business goals and technology capabilities for alignment, potential and opportunity.
  • Create an action plan that reduces risk, streamlines platforms and increases innovation.
  • Work together to include process and accessibility improvements to improve adoption.
  • Lead the implementation from initial strategy through deployment and continuing support services.

Let us help you create a strategy that leads to significant increase in approval, customer satisfaction and adoption.

Business Data Roadmap

Don’t you wish your development team could focus more on the big projects, and less on creating datasets, reports and extracts for the business? Are your users able to get the data they want, when they need it?

A Business Data Roadmap will save you money, create new products, and increase the adoption of data solutions across the company.

How we deliver:

  • Interviews with users and stakeholders to evaluate accessibility and processes for accessing, analyzing and producing data.
  • A thorough review of your current data platforms and analysis tools, including performance and management.
  • Analysis of your platform and vendor choices, along with personalized recommendations.

Your Business Data Roadmap brings your data strategy together so it can be delivered.

Architecture Strategy

Is your team struggling to design the next groundbreaking solution while keeping up with day to day operations? Does your architecture look like it was built piecemeal, rather than designed for your business?

Let us take the heavy lifting of reviewing and designing a next generation plan for your business.

How we deliver:

  • Review your technology and business goals, along with your current architecture.
  • Assess architecture plans against industry and technology best practices.
  • Discuss upcoming vendor innovations, market changes and regulatory impacts.
  • Review team capability and manageability of current architectures.
  • Create and implement a roadmap for recommended architecture that aligns to your current and future needs.

Create an architecture strategy to design and build a plan for your future business.

Implementation Planning

Do you have a great plan for moving your business forward, but can’t seem to get it off the ground? Is your team too busy working on other tasks to help clear the way?

You need to remove roadblocks, accelerate implementation and increase adoption.

How we deliver:

  • Assess projects currently in flight and define what resources are needed to move your projects and strategy forward.
  • Integrate with your team to get the right people working on the right things.
  • Accelerate project work like user interviews, development, testing and training.

We are experts in running complex initiatives side by side. With our help, we can accomplish more than you thought possible.

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