SQL Server and Azure Migrations

Migrating to a new platform can be a daunting task. Pragmatic Works supports your team by providing full service migration support. Whether you're moving to a newer version of SQL Server or the cloud, we have the expertise to make sure the migration process is seamless.


Migrate to SQL Server or Azure from Other Database Management Systems

In today's world of streamlining costs and mitigating risk, companies are looking to move off antiquated, out of compliance, or costly data centers. To transform their data centers companies partner with Pragmatic Works, leveraging assessment methodologies, tools, and expertise to build and execute a successful migration.

If you are running Sybase, Netezza, Teradata, Oracle or MySQL and you are exploring the move to the cloud or the MSFT data platform, Pragmatic Works can assist in a cost-effective, timely approach.

How we deliver:

  • Analyze with Microsoft software and custom tools to determine a migration plan.
  • Assess and build a roadmap for success defining effort, timeframe, and potential costs.
  • Modernize and migrate your legacy database applications to Microsoft SQL Server or Azure.
  • Review all your current applications to ensure that they will perform efficiently.
  • Identify and eliminate applications that are no longer in-use.

Empower your business by leveraging your data with SQL Server.

SQL Server or Cloud Migration

Many companies today are struggling to balance their infrastructure spending between the cloud and on-premise data centers, while trying to minimize cost and confidently meet their growing data needs. Pragmatic Works’ cloud expertise can help you identify which of your applications and databases are the best fit for the cloud.

How we deliver:

  • Remove limitations and frustrations by moving off legacy platforms.
  • Create and optimize migration and deployment models.
  • Forecast an intelligent cost estimate.
  • Reduce migration time by up to 75%.

Use Pragmatic Works’ migration and cloud expertise to identify your applications and databases that are the best fit for the cloud.

Articles & Tutorials

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Case Study: Cloud Upgrade Case Study

Mobile MedSoft’s pharmacy application serves their clients with 24x7 access, and was in need of increased performance capabilities. While their solution leveraged Azure SQL Database, Pragmatic Works determined that an upgrade to the latest version would add performance and scalability. By implementing the solution, Pragmatic Works was able to reduce CPU usage from 80% down to 12% and allow for future database expansion leveraging new capabilities like columnstore indexing. Read More.

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