Power BI Managed Services

Keeping up with your Power BI reports and dashboards can be difficult. With our Power BI Managed Services, you can use our training and expert services for everything from report design to administration.

Managed Services Offerings

Pragmatic Works Managed Services offerings bring together report design expertise and industry best practices. Our team uses their rapid development capabilities and administrative knowledge, making the management of your Power BI environment a breeze and eliminating the burden of Power BI on your IT team. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we also can provide Azure and Office365 licenses directly and offer you a single-vendor solution.

Power BI Managed Services - Tier 1

Are you strapped for time and unable to build those reports your boss has been asking for? We’ve got you covered. You can work with Pragmatic Works’ Power BI experts to help create your outstanding reports and dashboards.

Report Development:

  • Part time and full-time teams of development resources
  • Reports developed using best practices resulting in quicker results
  • Report backlog eliminated by using our advanced development capabilities
  • Quick turnaround time on solving issues with your reports

Power BI Managed Services - Tier 2

Do you need help getting your Power BI environment off the ground, as well as developing the reports and dashboards? We help you get your self-service environment running while maintaining proper governance and standards and help you manage the day-to-day tasks.

Report Development and Admin

  • Power BI architectural, infrastructure an security management
  • Accelerated report development
  • Troubleshooting of data refresh and other issues
  • Rapid response time to any questions or issues with your reports and dashboards

Power BI Managed Services - Tier 3

Are you new to Power BI or do you not have the resources available to get it up and running? Our fully managed Power BI services offering allows you to receive all the benefits of Power BI without any of the work. We handle everything from development to admin to architecting your Power BI environment.

Enterprise Services

  • Complete architecture, design and management of your Power BI environment
  • Optimization recommendations and training on the latest features
  • Mission critical access to our team of experts

Articles & Tutorials

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