Training Partnerships

Have a passion for creating and delivering training? Partner with us!
Have clients who would benefit with our training? Partner with us!

We make it easy to partner, offering programs tailored to help you earn a margin for customer referrals or by producing expert content for our On-Demand Training platform.

  • Resell Partnership

    Do you currently work with clients who would benefit from more than 900 hours of Microsoft Data Platform Expert led training at their fingertips?

    Our VAR Partners earn generous margins by introducing On-Demand Training to their clients, demoing the platform, and ultimately helping to influence a purchase.

  • Training Content Partnership

    Grow your brand as a Microsoft Data Platform expert and showcase your skills by building and delivering course content for our On-Demand Training platform.

    Partners retain all rights to their content, receive monetary compensation for their contributions, and have access to all subscription members who access their courses.

AgileBI_icon.png Agile BI

AgileBI is a Sydney-based consulting firm that specializes in the Agile delivery of Data Analytics solutions and Business Intelligence consulting. We have built up a reputation as one of Australia’s most respected service providers in the Microsoft Business Intelligence arena. We are a Microsoft Partner with Gold for Data Analytics and Silver for Cloud Platform. This means we have fully certified, experienced people who can tailor, deploy and support Microsoft Business Intelligence products and solutions.

Altis_icon.png Altis Consulting

Altis is a Data and Analytics consultancy built on the philosophy that our people make our business and our clients’ businesses successful. Combining industry expertise, technical skill, communication and listening, our team delivers results that will maximize your business performance.

VAR Datajam
Hilmax_icon.png Hilmax Solutions

Hilmax Solutions provides IT consulting services, software development and support services to private enterprises and public sector organizations in NSW, Australia. We focus on defining, designing, developing, and supporting high quality software that enables customers to accomplish their business requirements, analyses performance of their business and attain or maintain their competitive market advantage.

VAR Infotune Pty Ltd
LobsterPot_icon.png Lobsterpot Solutions

LobsterPot Solutions is an Australian SQL Server and Business Intelligence consultancy, offering consultancy and training services. LobsterPot Solutions specializes in the Microsoft Data Platform, including Power BI, SQL Server and Azure, from data resilience to data analytics, to Big Data and IoT, and of course performance tuning, health checks, and more. With experts in both Melbourne and Adelaide, we can help your organisation become more data-driven.

Radacad_icon.png Radacad

Radacad was founded by a group of highly specialized consultants and mentors with many years of experience in Data Analytics, training and consulting. We provide consulting and training services for companies worldwide with their Business Intelligence solutions, Data Analytics, Information Management, Master Data Management, Power BI and Azure Data Solutions. We also provide training courses online or in person for Business Intelligence, SQL Server and data-related topics from 100 to 400 levels.

WardyIT_icon.png Wardy IT

Wardy IT Solutions was founded in 2004 by Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP), Peter Ward. Today, Wardy IT Solutions is recognized as Australia’s leading provider of Microsoft Data Platform consultants, trainers and Data Analytics specialists.

BizData_icon.png BizData

BizData is an international award winning Data Analytics Agency. We specialize in rapid delivery of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Business Intelligence solutions, leveraging Microsoft and Open Source technology. BizData is widely recognized for excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions that spearhead a data-driven culture for everyone.

DataMetrics_icon.png DATAMetrics

Established in 2015, DATAMetrics is comprised of a small number of highly experienced Business Intelligence (BI) consultants. Each consultant brings with them a wealth of experience from key sectors, both here and overseas. DATAMetrics came together, dissatisfied with the way agencies treated clients and frustrated with not being able to do what seemed like the right thing to do they got together and formed DATAMetrics.

MangaSolutions_icon.png Manga Solutions

Data visualization and integration specialists, based in Melbourne Australia. We are Microsoft Partners, focused on their Power BI product.

insight actuaries_icon.png Insight Actuaries

Insight is a unique firm of hand-picked actuaries and consultants. Our approach is underpinned by curiosity and a deep understanding of the power of data. We have built market leading consulting, data management, business intelligence and analytics capabilities that assist clients in managing risks and developing opportunities.
Insight Actuaries & Consultants was formed in 2014 from the merger of the Health Monitor Company, CareGauge, and Lighthouse Actuarial Consulting. Three market-leading companies joined to build a new firm with a foundation of deep and specialized expertise. We are deeply rooted in the healthcare sector which presents complex challenges and needs innovative solutions. The analytical expertise we have spent years mastering is now being deployed in other fields including investments, insurance, banking, and retail.

verifaction_icon.png VerifAction Software 

VerifAction was formed in 2002 as a vehicle to co-ordinate complementary technical skills, comprising a small, motivated and highly competent team capable of anticipating and solving technical problems with calm professionalism. VerifAction have developed elegant but robust IT systems to cater for several administrative requirements in the asset management world, including specialized network monitoring, encryption and database backup tools.

exabyte_icon.png Exabyte

At Exabyte Development, we offer IT solutions specializing in the Microsoft SQL Server stack (T-SQL, SSRS, SSIS and SSAS) together with .Net development. We offer extensive IT experience, a passion for data and attention to detail and quality.
With one of our unique solutions, MoBatch, a Rapid Application Development Tool, we are able to provide efficient (read/write) access to your data quicker, more reliably and more cost effective than the rest of the market.
We bridge the gap between user and data, providing ability to create new data or effectively access existing data. We provide all necessary processing of data or interfaces, allowing your data to interact with other data.

XLSoft_icon.png XLSoft

XLsoft Corporation is a leading software distribution and localization firm of developers' software products for the Japanese and Asian market. Founded in 1987, XLsoft is headquartered in Irvine, California, and prides itself in being a brand name in the International software industry. Distributing only the most innovative products to software developers, XLsoft has re-published and localized award-winning software, which include Intel C++/Fortran Compiler and VTune Analyzer, PKWARE PKZIP and SecureZIP, Jungo WinDriver, activePDF, SpreadsheetGear, Source Insight and many other extraordinary software products for the international market.

Focusing on distributing Development Tools and Utilities, XLsoft has established many strong relationships within the computing industry for over a decade. XLsoft is well trusted in introducing groundbreaking products to the Japanese market; hence their clients include industry-leading pioneers such as Intel, IBM and NEC Japan. XLsoft has achieved success in presenting the latest American software trends to the Japanese market as well as hosting intercontinental trends in the United States. With a strong Localization/Service team in Irvine and dedicated Sales and Marketing teams in Tokyo, XLsoft continues to grow as a key player in the international software industry.

VAR Ahmad Osama
idea domina_icon.png Idea Domina

Our institution is young at age, but consists of experienced people for 20 years in Information Technology, as well as in Banking, Financial Services and the Public Sector. We focus our products and services in the field of data platform solutions, which provides our clients with the ability to leverage their data value from data collection, data cleansing, reporting and exchanging with other parties. Our products are suitable to apply in needs of regulatory reporting solutions for Banking, Financial Services, Government and other Enterprise institutions who needs to implement the standardized reporting system based on existing data from various sources.

solid bi_icon.png SolidBI

At SolidBI, we are particularly focused on helping companies analyze information they already collect in order to improve decision making and leverage their employees’ collective wisdom.

Today, SolidBI is helping clients identify and exploit opportunities to enhance their business performance, formulate their strategic vision, and figure out how technology can help them get there.

SolidBI specializes in Knowledge Management and Business Performance Systems with Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and Data Mining; Project Management; business process improvement using ongoing learning best practiced and methodologies for the service industry, business process activity monitoring and automation using Business Process Management (BPM) technology; Corporate Information Strategy and Assessments.

krish compusoft kcs_icon.png Krish Compusoft KCS 

Krish Compusoft Services (KCS) is a leading CMMI Level 3 Consulting and Software Services provider offering next-gen integrated information technology products as well as solutions that help transform businesses with the latest technology models in the new digital era.

The technology offerings by KCS enable intelligence and business process automation using cutting-edge information technologies and techniques to provide the enterprise with greater agility and efficiency. Our solutions are focused on digital strategies that are custom fit as per the needs of our clients.

VAR Klym
VAR Koen Verbeeck

Koen Verbeeck is a Business Intelligence professional working at AE. He helps clients to get insight in their data and to improve their Business Intelligence solutions. Koen has over 8 years of experience in developing data warehouses, cubes and reports using the Microsoft BI stack. Somehow, he has developed a particular love for Integration Services along the way. Koen answers questions at SQLServerCentral.com and writes articles for MSSQLTips.com.

VAR Brankdo Company
Adastra_icon.png Adastra

Sometime ago, people in Adastra, one of the leading IT consultancy companies, decided to expand beyond delivering solutions for IT to offer solutions to more complex business problems. They names the new project simply, ABC (Adastra Business Consulting). Today, ABC is delivering its services in three principal areas: Risk Management, Sales and Process Optimization, and we are here to stay and to grow.


d j horton_icon.png D J Horton Consulting

D J Horton Consulting Ltd is a small independent company specializing in SQL Server Reporting Services & T-SQL. We are based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK and can work remotely or onsite for short or long term contracts enabling us to offer a bespoke package for your company’s needs. Contact: [email protected]

Version 1_icon.png Version 1

One of the fastest growing IT services companies in Western Europe, Version 1 has doubled both profitability and revenue over the last few years, while at the same time delivering consistent improvement in customer satisfaction and world-class employee engagement.

Version 1 is a trusted technology partner to major domestic and international customers across all industry sectors in the UK and Ireland. Our 900 strong team are focused on delivering IT services and solutions that transform our customers’ businesses.

VAR Vexinsoft

triangle_icon.png Triangle Information Management

At Triangle, we feel strongly about building long term relationships with our customers and are on hand to assist you at every stage of your business analytics project.

To help our customers achieve their analytics objectives, we work closely with IBM’s Cognos application, which we feel stands apart from other business intelligence solutions. Cognos allows businesses to achieve powerful results with their data, and as an IBM Business Partner, we can provide training, licenses and custom Cognos solutions to help your business achieve its full business analytics potential.

louhia_icon.png Louhia Consulting

Louhia is a consulting company focused on management (analytics, reporting, data warehouses, big data, data science). Our mission is to help our customers transform their internal and external data assets into business benefits. We solve our customers' business problems and, at best, we create a whole new business of developing new products.

data relish_icon.png Data Relish

Founded by award-winning Business Intelligence expert Jen Stirrup MVP, Data Relish have successfully delivered Business Intelligence and Big Data projects worldwide.

biss_icon.png BISS Kft.

Based on our decade-long experience, we provide solutions for our partners. Thinking about our customers with our strict business intelligence toolkit beyond any business needs a supportive solution, know how, which makes the organization effective and productive, thereby creating value for it.

miracle_icon.png Miracle

Miracle was founded in 2003 and employs a strong team of expert database consultants, business intelligence experts, programmers and security consultants. Our senior consultants have long experience, ranging from 10 to 25 years, in hardware, software, middleware and networking. Miracle provides services to clients in a wide array of business sectors including banking, airline, public and health.

Miracle is based on a very simple business idea. We strive to offer our clients the best services available and access to leading experts in the field of database-related technology. We are vendor independent and therefore we can offer our clients unbiased consulting regardless of the interests of software vendors.

consolidata_icon.png Consolidata

Consolidata are a team of innovative and highly experienced Business Intelligence and Analytics consultants who can help you transform your business into a data-driven and algorithm-driven business.

nit solutions_icon.png NIT Solutions
sql brander_icon.png SQLBrander

Having worked for Microsoft for many years, I am now the owner of my own company, SQLBrander. Through this company, you can hire me for Microsoft SQL Server troubleshooting, consultancy and implementation projects.

It’s my aim and pleasure to find realistic solutions for issues in any organization in need of a review, training-on-the-job or an upgrade to a new environment. I enjoy the variety of challenges I meet and find that the most satisfying part is having them solved in the best possible way.

jarrin_icon.png Jarrin Consultancy

Jarrin Consultancy are a world class SQL Server consultancy and database development provider based in the UK. We provide expertise for all your database and architecture needs. Although specialising in Microsoft SQL Server and Azure, we offer consultancy for other relational database platforms including Oracle and MySQL as well as many of the market leading NoSQL platforms.

Launched in 2011, we combine decades of database experience covering all business sectors from retail to financial and everything in between. Our mission means that our clients around the world put their trust in us time and time again and know that we always deliver what we say we will, but most importantly, what the client needs.

mantle_icon.png Mantle Analytics

We are passionate about using our skills and experience to create business intelligence solutions for companies that are growing, diversifying or are concerned about maintaining their current position, of "staying in the game".

nextbridge_icon.png NextBridge

NextBridge is an IT consulting company that works exclusively with Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Business Intelligence is about gathering relevant information from all relevant sources, and compiling and making available this in such a way that decision makers at all levels can make better decisions and make digital business processes smarter.

NextBridge builds a bridge between the customer's many data sources and the customer's need for management information. Our eligibility is not to be programmed - it is to help demanding customers make better decisions faster, and thus succeed better.

innovative business_icon.png Innovative Business Intelligence

Use our 20+ years of experience, passion for the craft and in-demand Power BI and Enterprise SQL Server expertise to help you reach your data aspirations. Our services include small scale Data Analytics to enterprise wide Business Intelligence Solutions.

amby_icon.png AMBY Consulting
next step_icon.png Next-Step Consultores

Next-Step develops solutions that let you get all the value from your data by means of Business Intelligence and Big Data Project Developments.

These projects make our clients to be more competitive, more efficient and less risky. These tools help them to take better decision.

We are experts in Microsoft Technologies, and we can provide both on-premise and 100% cloud solutions in Azure. We also deliver different project types, fixed price projects, or advisory and specialized training projects to expedite the adaptation of the teams.

VAR Moraschi Data Studio

accigo_icon.png Accigo
evolusys_icon.png Evolusys

Evolusys is a Swiss IT Consulting Company, our mission is to understand, analyze and solve our customers' challenges, by using advanced Microsoft technologies in the fields of Analytics and Cloud Computing. Our team of experts (IT & Business) is passionate about technologies, and how they can be applied to help our customers stay ahead of the game.

Evolusys is a Microsoft Gold Partner in the fields of Analytics & Cloud Productivity. We were also named Microsoft Cloud Productivity Partner of the year 2016 - for Switzerland. Serving more than 40 organizations, from all industries, Mid-size to Multinationals

clarity tech_icon.png Clarity Tech Ltd.

We manage, develop and deliver Business Intelligence solutions of the highest caliber, to serve the demands of organisations in the UK and beyond. Understanding that each client has specific requirements, we have a select team of highly skilled and talented IT professionals, who will work with you, in order to better understand your requirements. The aim is to not only deliver within the time frames that you give us, but to exceed your expectations, by delivering solutions that excel from a user standpoint.

data movements_icon.png DataMovements

DataMovements can help you build strong data platform foundations, with performance, scalability and resilience at the core, utilising the latest developments and features to achieve cost-effective strategies that meet your business goals.

Located in London and the South West, DataMovements is ideally located should you require on-site assistance.

VAR Vanessa Fredanus-van Gelder

ace_icon.png Ace Data Solutions

We have extensive experience of working with data projects and aim to offer our clients a first rate consulting service tailored exclusively for your business needs.

revelator_icon.png Revelator IT Ltd. 

Revelator IT is an independent software company based in Edinburgh. We specialise in the design, development and maintenance of enterprise databases and business applications.

Our consultants are experts in SQL Server, .NET and Oracle and have experience of working in a range of industries, including finance and banking, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, marketing, small business and the public sector.

We are a customer-focused organization, and will always put your business requirements first. With over 20 years experience designing and building data-driven applications in multiple industries, we are confident we can help you with your development needs.

VAR Nicki Tinson

grey matter_icon.png Grey Matter

Grey Matter’s reputation has been built on the quality, breadth and independence of our software, licensing expertise and services. It’s what gives us the edge over other software resellers and it’s what our customers value.

Since 1983 Grey Matter has provided independent and trusted software advice, supply and services for organisations of all sizes seeking solutions to their development, technical and business requirements.

Grey Matter Limited is a financially strong, stable and successful UK owned business with experienced and accredited staff.

valore_icon.png Valore Partners

We migrate mission-critical workloads to the cloud and manage them once they get there. By combining our proven delivery methodology with deep expertise around Microsoft's suite of platform-as-a-service technologies, we optimize workforce productivity, enterprise mobility, customer relationship management, enterprise analytics, cloud application services, and more for the age of cloud computing.

quasar_icon.png Quasar Business Solutions Group

Quasar Business Solutions Inc. is a boutique data-focused BI and Analytics consulting firm founded in 1998. Our core line of business focuses on creating data-driven solutions for our customers, ranging from IT-sponsored enterprise data warehouse initiatives to small team and personal business analytics solutions. We work with both corporate technology departments and business units to develop value-added BI and analytical solutions.

VAR Scott Stauffer - Independent 

VAR Class 1 Enterprises

VAR Syntrix Systems 

preferred strategies_icon.png Preferred Strategies

Preferred Strategies was founded in 2002 by business analysts and information technology (IT) professionals that are dedicated to leading JD Edwards Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application users in successful implementations of business intelligence reporting software projects. This focused background enables our customers to easily leverage the “Top Tier” reporting and data analytics solutions on the market so they can realize the highest return on their ERP investment.

VAR Intelligent Data Solutions

VAR DW Applications LLC 

crafting bytes_icon.png Crafting Bytes

We find that the world of software development and BI Solutions are crowded with a lot of noise. Somewhere along the way, solving customer problems was lost as our one true directive and replaced with platform evangelism, buzz words, and pet technologies. At Crafting Bytes in San Diego we are here to quiet that noise and refocus the efforts on solving your business problem. Crafting Bytes is about building software and creating data-centered solutions that lighten your load and calm your business.

XLSoft_icon.png XLSoft

XLsoft Corporation is a leading software distribution and localization firm of developers' software products for the Japanese and Asian market. Founded in 1987, XLsoft is headquartered in Irvine, California, and prides itself in being a brand name in the International software industry. Distributing only the most innovative products to software developers, XLsoft has re-published and localized award-winning software, which include Intel C++/Fortran Compiler and VTune Analyzer, PKWARE PKZIP and SecureZIP, Jungo WinDriver, activePDF, SpreadsheetGear, Source Insight and many other extraordinary software products for the international market.

Focusing on distributing Development Tools and Utilities, XLsoft has established many strong relationships within the computing industry for over a decade. XLsoft is well trusted in introducing groundbreaking products to the Japanese market; hence their clients include industry-leading pioneers such as Intel, IBM and NEC Japan. XLsoft has achieved success in presenting the latest American software trends to the Japanese market as well as hosting intercontinental trends in the United States. With a strong Localization/Service team in Irvine and dedicated Sales and Marketing teams in Tokyo, XLsoft continues to grow as a key player in the international software industry.

VAR Filichiacom, Ltd

reluminous_icon.png ReLuminous

ReLuminous is a business intelligence firm focused exclusively on the multifamily industry, managed by professionals with years of experience working inside a major Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Our collective experience blends equal parts property operations, operations support and information technology. We've learned the business from within; leasing apartments, managing individual communities, managing community portfolios, running the pricing function, designing enterprise database architectures, directing the enterprise BI program, directing the enterprise analytics function, and training power users. We've spent years on both sides of the fence - in external consultant roles and internal leadership roles. So we have a very unique perspective on the application of BI to the multifamily industry.


Force BI_icon.png Force Business Intelligence 

ForceBI.com is a company with a singular focus: to give you the tools, customizations, programming and training to get the most out of your business systems.

We provide several ISV Utility add-ons for Dynamics SL which eliminate the most common data entry errors - saving you time and money.

We provide business intelligence accelerators for Dynamics SL and Salesforce.com which add this new technology to your business in less than one day.

We provide implementation and training services for Tableau Software.

sensible data integrations_icon.png Sensible Data Integrations LLC

We chose our name carefully. We’ve seen far too many Information/Data and Business intelligence Solutions fail because they lose sight of their fundamental purpose: Providing Business Value.

Our Sensible approach is to understand our client’s needs, capabilities, and challenges and then design a solution that provides Business Value early and continuously – always looking to the future but not neglecting the present.

Large or small solutions, our approach is proven and repeatable, yet tailored to ensure a fit with each client’s need, culture, and capability.

xtivia_icon.png Xtivia

XTIVIA creates smart Information Technology solutions for companies in every industry. We’ve been hard at work, designing thousands of unique solutions, for over a quarter century. Better software development, faster application integration, and affordable technical success. Brought to you by XTIVIA.

exxact_icon.png Exxact Consulting

Exxact Consulting specializes in Microsoft Office application training and custom desktop and web data application solutions using Microsoft software and compatible tools.

component source_icon.png ComponentSource

ComponentSource was established in 1995, to ensure Software Developers were supplied with the best software development products the world had to offer.

Up until then, inefficiencies imposed by the established, country-based, software distribution channels meant that only a small number of products made it to market.

Consequently, ComponentSource pioneered the open market for reusable software components and tools, through innovative use of electronic software delivery (ESD).

Today, we offer the world's best collection of labor saving software through our eCommerce Web Sites; carrying over 10,000 SKU's from 300+ Publishers.

We have offices in the USA, UK, Ireland and Japan supporting over 125,000+ Customers, in over 180 Countries.

Kingfisher_icon.png Kingfisher Technologies 

Kingfisher Technologies was founded in 2014 to provide industry-leading database consulting services to small- and medium-sized businesses. With our deep experience in all areas of the Microsoft data platform and other related technologies, we can help you make the most of your data platform investments.

context q_icon.png contextQ

contextQ is a consultancy focused on helping people realize great success with business intelligence. We offer professional services, mentoring, and training.

equality it_icon.png eQualitySolutions

Specializing in providing Microsoft Cloud based technology insight solutions & services that help organizations find new sources of revenue, identify cost cutting opportunities and improve financial visibility.

VAR Craig Bobchin
sparkhound_icon.png Sparkhound

We're the business and technology consulting company with the semi-serious name and the dead-serious mission: to make a meaningful impact on every Sparkhound client's business. And we do it with an amazing team of collaborative, outcome-driven pros who bring a potent mix of thought, tools and trust to create lasting value in your investment.

VAR Information Collaboration

athena_icon.png Athena IT Solutions

Athena IT Solutions (D.B.A., Minerva Solutions, Inc.) offers data warehousing and business intelligence consulting services. We will assess your current BI needs, perform evaluations and architectural reviews, and either jumpstart your project or provide full BI life-cycle development.

Because many of our clients have staff or business users who need to learn more about maintaining or using their data warehouse, we also offer business intelligence & data warehouse training including basic and customized on-site and online courses. Our data warehouse vendor clients use our vendor services for competitive analysis, product assessments, white papers, and seminars.

The experts at Athena IT Solutions have twenty years of data warehousing experience, having worked on over 50 successful data warehouse projects in various industries such as financial services, healthcare, consumer product goods, retail, telecom and high tech.

analytics delivered_icon.png Analytics Delivered

Founded in December 2014, Analytics Delivered LLC, is dedicated to the delivery of business critical insight, on time, every time, to small and medium sized companies. To accomplish this mission, we utilize business intelligence and data analysis techniques developed through years of experience working with large enterprise clients. Emphasis is placed on ease of implementation and a quick return on investment.

power objects_icon.png PowerObjects

PowerObjects is 100% focused on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Driving success for your end-to-end journey with our four pillars of service, support, education and add-ons.

52 projects_icon.png 52 Projects

You could say that we’re the little guys all the big guys know about! We are a creative and development agency with more than 52 collective years of experience in serving churches and non-profits, and building enterprise management software from the ground up.

prescriber 360_icon.png Prescriber 360

Prescriber360 built on Microsoft’s cloud platform is specifically designed to help the life sciences companies digitally transition to Pharma 3.0. Prescriber360 enables your organization to leverage data from multiple sources both internal and external allowing your people to access key information they never had before. With our twenty years of industry expertise, we will shepherd you through the digital journey, unlocking data that will empower your employees to greater heights of the productivity.

krish compusoft kcs_icon.png Krish Compusoft KCS 

Krish Compusoft Services (KCS) is a leading CMMI Level 3 Consulting and Software Services provider offering next-gen integrated information technology products as well as solutions that help transform businesses with the latest technology models in the new digital era.

The technology offerings by KCS enable intelligence and business process automation using cutting-edge information technologies and techniques to provide the enterprise with greater agility and efficiency. Our solutions are focused on digital strategies that are custom fit as per the needs of our clients.

mccormack_icon.png McCormack Consultants 

McCormack provides best-in-class consulting services to the health care industry. We accelerate change for our clients by recognizing that technology solutions must be a working marriage of both business processes and IT know-how. Our clients leverage our inside experience and skills to ensure that the implementation and management of technology is effective, thoughtful, and timely.

We have been fortunate enough to see the specific impact of our work: better healthcare for patients, significant time and resource savings for providers, and measurable return on investment for payers. McCormack takes great inspiration from these gains, and we inject this passion into every project we take on.

caserta_icon.png Caserta

Our passion for solving unique data challenges is rivaled only by our unrelenting curiosity. Because we’ve managed to strike the perfect balance of business professional and technologist, we’re as eager to meet with the CEO as we are a technical engineer. No matter the client, Caserta derives intelligent data solutions that cater to your specific needs.

We’re wired for complex problem solving and attract industry-leading Fortune 1000 clients with whom we work to provide some of the most fascinating case studies in data today. Whether the situation calls for data warehousing, big data analytics, or data science, the Caserta team delivers unprecedented experience and skills to any data-centric project. Our internal innovation lab allows our teams to explore emerging technologies and ensures the best solution for each unique situation.

We have a diverse team of individuals who all share one thing: a deep interest in improving data intelligence through innovation! We’ve built a company of highly skilled and motivated consultants; established lasting client relationships; and continue to inspire data purists near and far.

VAR Hilary Cotter


VAR Scott Dexter Inc

vizion_icon.png Vizion Solutions 

Vizion Solutions is a leading IT consultant, service, and solutions provider. Our custom solutions are made with your uniqueness in mind, so reports are catered to your company, department, and individual needs. This results in top line growth, improved profitability, increased productivity, and managed risk.

We are a Microsoft Gold Data Analytics and Cloud Platform partner as well as a Tier 1 Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP).

Vizion's Power BI solutions have been recognized in Microsoft's Partner Showcase for our custom solutions that are leading the business intelligence industry.

result data_icon.png Result Data

Founded in 1996 Result Data provides consulting services, training and software solutions to organizations of all types with an emphasis on collecting, organizing and analyzing data. As part of this effort we enjoy certification and recognition from several of the industry leaders in data management and business intelligence. Our mission is to provide professional services, training and solutions to businesses and organizations seeking to improve their decision making and overall efficiency through better data reporting and analysis. Our associates have professional backgrounds that include decades of information systems, software development, and data management and analysis experience. We have worked for organizations ranging from small businesses to the Fortune 500 and provide services and training to mid-market and enterprise class organizations in Ohio, and surrounding states as well as other parts of the country.

VAR GP Services

prime_icon.png Prime Technology Group

Prime Technology Group, LLC is a global, technology services company with innovation at the core of our business engagements. We develop cutting-edge solutions, and carefully select the best Information Technology professionals, making them ambassadors for your business. This approach maximizes our ability to leverage our award-winning teams and put their competencies to work for you. Prime is the conduit which bridges the immediate business solutions of today to the technology advances of tomorrow.

We are pleased to inform you of the acquisition on October 14, 2014 of Paxcel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (paxcel.net) a leading technology pioneer in India. This decision was a part of our growth strategy which will provide our clients the opportunity for expanded depth of services and additional competencies to our portfolio.

Our vision and expertise has enabled us to seamlessly navigate the challenges of today’s technologies, providing you with the appropriate technology solutions that will outlast today’s trends. How do we do this? We listen to you! Our team leaders identify powerful solutions and provide the appropriate framework and infrastructure you need to unlock your organization’s capabilities.

JBS_icon.png JBS Customer Software Solutions

Founded in 1999, JBS is a custom software application development company working with a wide range of clients ranging from small technology start-ups to large Fortune 500 retailers. Headquartered in the greater Philadelphia region, we service a national customer base with global deployment requirements. Our entire staff consists of top tier full-time on-shore senior level architects, developers and project managers, working with the latest technologies in the marketplace.

VAR Spread Knowledge LLC 

architecting innovation_icon.png Architecting Innovation

The AI Team of technology architects strives to provide custom, technology agnostic solutions utilizing a proprietary process developed through the team’s expertise within number of industries. The AI Team uses this proven process to identify the client’s true pain points and utilizes the team’s best practices to architect and implement creative solutions. We provide just-in-time coaching to empower our clients, delivering the most efficient, scalable solution to solve their business needs.

VAR Prism Data Solutions

VAR Javed Merchant - Independent
stuart ward_icon.png Stuart Ward Consulting

SWC was established on January 1, 1999, dedicated to helping both emerging and established companies succeed at the daunting task of product management.

Prior to forming SWC, Stuart B. Ward spent two years with Compaq Computer Corporation as a product marketing manager for its mainstream line of personal computers and four years with Thomson Consumer Electronics as a product planning manager and product marketing manager.

Stuart received his MBA from the University of Texas and his engineering degree from the University of Oklahoma. Stuart's professional work experience began with four years as a project engineer for Shell Oil Company

data wings_icon.png DataWings

Datawings Solutions is an Austin-based Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, and Data Architecture Consulting firm with a proven track record of successful solutions for both small, medium, and large business.

accor_icon.png Accor Consulting

Accor Consulting is a fast-growing Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Visualization firm. We are based in Houston, TX and have been providing management and IT consulting services to our local market since 2014. Our practices are made up of consulting professionals with experience in Information Management, Data Warehousing, Data Integration, and Data Analytics. We work with clients to deliver solutions that provide valuable insights into their data, allowing them to better understand their business and make better decisions.

solaris_icon.png Solaris Analytics

We specialize in turning data into information. We believe in helping business understand their data by cleaning, de-duping, and visualizing their raw data. Our desired end result is to allow business people to gain insights through visualizations.

white-knuckle_icon.png White-Knuckle Consulting

Established in 2004, White-Knuckle Consulting, LLC provides ERP implementation, business intelligence, and training services.

Our consultants are Certified Public Accountants, MBAs, and IT professionals. They bring together years of business experience, ERP system expertise, and data management skills to assist your business automate processes and disseminate business intelligence.

We have experience implementing, maintaining, and developing business intelligence solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP®, Microsoft Dynamics AX®, Microsoft Dynamics CRM®, e-by Epicor®, and Sage 500® solutions. We have years of experience using Microsoft® SQL Server business intelligence applications to create reporting solutions for small and mid-sized businesses throughout the U.S.

While we are located Utah, just south of Salt Lake City, we welcome clients and projects anywhere in the United States.

xerva_icon.png Xerva

Xerva is growing fast, with a rapidly growing roster of happy clients (see what they have to say for yourself).

Businesses that need more than spreadsheets and viz tools to manage their data but can't afford a homegrown data warehouse finally have an option that makes sense!

Data chaos is being conquered and beautiful, timely, actionable data will soon reign supreme!

ssg_icon.png SQL Server Solutions Group

As a Microsoft-certified, full-service SQL Server consultancy with three Microsoft Certified Masters on our team, SQL Solutions Group has the experience and know-how to help with all your database needs. You can trust and depend on our reliability, flexibility, and stability.

cleverspeck_icon.png Cleverspeck

Cleverspeck provides data and business intelligence solutions for enterprise customers. Our solutions help clients manage, store, visualize, and perform actions using collected data. This provides our customers with value from their data through classic reporting, dashboards, interactive self-service and predictive analytics.

Our company use a holistic approach to data management and analytics. This allows us to offer customers a comprehensive solution for all their data needs by integrating new technologies with their existing data platforms.

We have launched our own voice recognition processing system, The Cleverspeck Bot Engine which, provides managed solutions for Alexa Skills, Voice and Chat platforms. It’s compatible with all major devices such as Amazon Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Home.

Cleverspeck is conveniently located in the Washington DC Metro area serving enterprise clients across the world.

affirma_icon.png Affirma

Affirma is an award-winning full service technology consultancy based out of Bellevue, WA. We have expertise in Mobile, Cloud, Business Intelligence, SharePoint, Technology Infrastructure, Custom Development, Visual Design, and Staffing Services. We focus on delivering true, measurable business value to our clients. We have a passion for customer satisfaction and are dedicated to delivering dependable and reliable solutions that exceed client expectations.

Our clients include Microsoft, the Seattle Art Museum, Children’s Hospital, Starbucks, Blue Nile, TreeTop, MoneyTree, and many more. We have been ranked one of Puget Sound Business Journals “Best Workplaces” and “Fastest Growing Companies” for four years in a row.

attunix_icon.png Attunix

Attunix was founded on a simple and core principal – to deliver real and relevant business results for our clients.

To be clear, this statement is less about what we do, and more about who we are. It starts with individual accountability and is reinforced by a company culture that values the essence of what it means to serve – taking a vested interest in the challenges before us and taking responsibility to help achieve the desired outcomes.

We work really hard to get to know your business and equally important, your customers. Aligning to provide your customers the greatest experience of your products and services is our main mission.

VAR DataMagician

Task Factory
Call Us At: (904) 413-1911

Contains 65+ tasks, connection managers, sources and Destinations for SSIS. You can compare editions here. Task Factory does not require a license while you're running packages in Visual Studio.