Human Resources Consulting Firm Doubles Available Output Without Code Changes

Client: Human Resources Consulting Firm

Key Product Solution: Microsoft BI Platform
Industry: HR Consulting

A leading global provider of human capital and management consulting services, our client specializes in consulting and outsourcing solutions. Operating 500 offices in 120 countries with over 30,000 professionals and 20,000 clients worldwide, the human resources consulting firm offers risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage in addition to human resources and outsourcing services. Their proprietary platform helps companies hire employees and subsequently assess employee engagement.


The client application utilizes SSAS and SSRS components of the Microsoft BI platform. The goal is to aggregate data from all employees, then analyze the data based on organization hierarchy and other employment data points.

The application was experiencing issues when the reports and calculations, which make up the engagement section, were not performing as required. As new clients were being added to the application, the performance challenges became increasingly visible and were impacting client satisfaction.


Pragmatic Works engaged to pinpoint the root causes of the database performance issues; beginning with a Data Warehouse Assessment which included:

• Review and assessment of the server configurations, including reviewing power management and CPU, memory, storage and network configurations
• Review and assessment of SQL Server instances and database configuration, including wait statistics, index utilization and instance and database level settings
• Evaluation of data integration processes, including auditing and monitoring architecture, performance and maintainability concerns
• Evaluation of SSAS and SSRS configurations
• Evaluation of the overall solution architecture with a focus on data model review and areas of failures/errors to identifying increased maintainability
• Recommendations for best practices were developed to improve performance and enhance report utilization.

Finally, Pragmatic Works formulated best practicerecommendations and associated time/cost estimates for the internal team to implement, addressing root cause analysis of SSRS errors, SSAS scale-out implementation and test SSAS scale-out architecture with automation. The internal team was mentored on the Microsoft SQL Server Stack of technologies throughout this engagement to ensure they would be able to maintain this new solution at the project’s completion.

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