Insurance Company Expands Storage and Data Analysis

Client: Insurance Company

Key Product Solution: Advanced Analytics
Industry: Insurance

By leveraging the capabilities of the Microsoft Azure Cloud, Pragmatic Works helped the analytic and actuarial teams of a large insurance company to gain more advanced analytics.


The analytic and actuarial department of a large insurance company had a need to grow and expand their current data analysis. The existing environment was rigid and did not support complex code development.

They were in need of a solution that would allow enhanced code capabilities and an environment for more standard development methodologies.


Pragmatic Works determined that an initial understanding of Microsoft Azure Cloud capabilities was needed, along with a Proof of Concept to understand how to successfully leverage these technologies.

Over the course of the assessment, Pragmatic Works evaluated the feature sets available in SQL Server R Services, the capabilities of the Azure Cloud, and the ability to expose visualizations with Power BI. The capability of Azure Machine Learning and Azure Data Factory were explored in order to deploy R code using a web service.

The Proof of Concept created a solution that changed where data was stored, replacing Oracle and Teradata to utilize SQL Server. Open source development was replaced with Microsoft R Open. The solution provided Power BI visuals and analytic capabilities to the actuarial team.

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