Insurance Provider Identifies Trends in Data to Increase ROI

Client: Insurance Provider in Miami

Key Product Solution: Azure Machine Learning and Azure Data Lake
Industry: Insurance

Pragmatic Works helped a large insurance provider in Miami to leverage predictive analytics and machine learning to identify trends in their data to increase ROI.


A large insurance provider was looking to identify trends in their data to make better business decisions with several lines of business, including Rental Policies and Extended Warranty Policies.


Pragmatic Works developed a solution using Azure Machine Learning and Azure Data Lake to analyze policy data by developing models which provided greater insight to the correlation between different
data elements and customer groups.

The machine learning experiments provided previously unknown information regarding the relationships between various groups of consumers and their policy history and use of insurance products. New insight was gained regarding the correlations of consumers and products which drive business practices.

Azure Machine Learning helped identify relationship variables used to determine sales information.

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