University Transforms Reporting With Power BI

Client: University of New Haven

Key Product Solution: Power BI
Industry: Education


University of New Haven had begun to evaluate Power BI as a dashboard, reporting and analytical tool with Microsoft. Having access to a partner like Pragmatic Works to lead this project was a major factor in the University’s decision to use Power BI for their reporting needs. No one on their internal team had any experience with Power BI and they were looking for expert assistance with this implementation.

Pragmatic Works conducted a Power BI Enterprise Assessment for University of New Haven. The engagement focused on areas of importance for the University, specifically admissions, enrollment and student retention data. The engagement also focused on building a Power BI architecture, including security processes, data gateways and models with the Power BI tools, and included deployment.

Pragmatic Works created processes for data access and refresh and a process for user management. Additionally, Pragmatic Works took the customer’s data sets and put them in Azure.


The University of New Haven had been looking for a way to view their reports in a dashboard format for some time. The reports they wanted showcased were viewed across the University by numerous departments and were going to have high visibility.

They did not have a solid system in place for reporting and were primarily using Excel, which was error-prone and required a lot of manual reporting and had no ability to compare more than a year’s worth of data for their specific reporting need.

The customer was not only looking to compare this information year by year, but also across departments to help determine which departments are excelling and which may be faltering. They create an annual fact book with all the University’s facts and figures regarding this info and needed a visually appealing way to share these statistics with the community.


The capability to create reports in real-time allows for more instant decision-making abilities within the university. A systematic annual review of all programs is a new and highly valuable project with this new platform.

They are now able to compare programs together, as well as compare previous years data to the current year with ease. Previously, they could only compare a single year in Excel.

“With over 40 undergraduate programs alone, it would have been impossible for us to do an interdepartmental comparison without Pragmatic Works’ Power BI solution. We had no real way to review student numbers and, therefore, no way to make critical decisions as an establishment,” stated Susan Turner, Director of Institutional Research.

The University of New Haven can now make actionable conclusions with their data in a timely and essential manner.


Under Line

Our reports are now visible and available at a moment’s notice to assist in making important decisions regarding our educational programs.

Susan Turner, Director of Institutional Research
University of New Haven