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Case Study – Mobile MedSoft

Client: Mobile MedSoft

Key Product Solution: Azure SQL Database
Industry: Pharmacy Solutions

As the experienced leader in creating practical and profitable solutions for pharmacies using Windows-based applications, Mobile MedSoft actively participates in pharmacy trade associations and regulatory standards groups, including American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP), American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP), National Council for
Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP), and National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA). Mobile MedSoft’s strong industry and regulatory relationships benefit their customers by helping them assure Mobile MedSoft software adheres to standards and requirements while also easily interfacing with third-party software products, such as remote dispensing machines and eMARs.


Using Microsoft Azure SQL Database (V11) to host their backend database, Mobile MedSoft’s application is multi-tenant and is used by their clients 24×7.
Over the lifetime of the database, it has been through several performance tuning projects. The latest project reduced the overall CPU footprint, thus allowing them to reduce the performance requirements of the database and use Premium Database (P1) versus a P2.
Mobile MedSoft was looking to upgrade from SQL Database V11 to V12 in order to significantly increase their performance and run time. In preparation for the upgrade, they needed to ensure that there would not be any regressions in the upgrade through performance workload tests. Mobile MedSoft required assistance in identifying additional features in V12 that they could utilize in the database. Furthermore, they needed to understand how to better secure the platform to reduce and mitigate HIPAA compliance risks.


Pragmatic Works engaged with Mobile MedSoft to implement their database upgrade. During this engagement, Mobile MedSoft worked with a Pragmatic Works Azure Architect to upgrade the Azure SQL Database from V11 to V12.
The primary goal was to plan out the migration while carrying out performance tests on the application and ensure any regressions were identified and mitigated. To achieve this, the Pragmatic Works Azure Architect worked with the Mobile MedSoft team to execute a workload test and review the results from the test. Additionally, recommendations to mitigate any potential regressions were provided.
Secondarily, the consultant worked to identify opportunities for platform improvement using SQL Database features for performance, security, and compliance. With the upgrade to SQL Database V12, opportunities to enhance columnstore indexes, table partitions, data masking and data audits were not available to Mobile MedSoft. During this time the internal team was mentored on best practices to ensure that these new opportunities were fully leveraged.
Finally, the Pragmatic Works team created a master summary document upon completion of the engagement. The document contained the results of the performance tests, recommendations for mitigating regressions and recommendations on additional SQL Database features that will improve their data platform capabilities. The Mobile MedSoft team now has a reference point for any questions or changes they may have in the future.


Under Line

The solution Pragmatic Works built for us not only improved the performance of Azure, but it also put us on the map with Microsoft. We were recently honored to have our solution highlighted at a SQL Convention. Pragmatic Works helped us translate from V11 to V12 and left us in better shape than before.