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Cloud Migrations

Are you looking for a cost-effective, flexible and secure cloud migration path? Pragmatic Works can help you get all the tools and resources you need to migrate your apps, data, and infrastructure at your own pace, with confidence.

Reduce your Infrastructure Costs

Azure offers free extended security updates, the Azure Hybrid Benefit, and optimized infrastructure. We can help you reserve resources in advance and save more, in addition to the pay-as-you-go pricing, as we work to improve your budgeting and forecasting. With pause and resume services, you still access fully scaleable performance without the upfront cost.

Stay Ahead with Innovation

Focus on business innovation with fully managed services.

Strengthen your Security

Counter cyberthreats with a secure cloud architecture.

Areas of Expertise:

With the right team, the right knowledge and the right solutions, your business can operate optimally and leverage data as an asset. Pragmatic Works leads the industry in Cloud expertise, and that as a National Solution Provider for Microsoft we work directly with the Microsoft Azure, Power BI, Data and AI Teams. Our team of consultants are Microsoft MVPs with real-world experience and in-depth insight to deliver successful data platform solutions at all levels. The strong relationship we’ve built over the years with Microsoft positions us as the best partner to advise you on your data journey.

We use our highly skilled abilities to create technical and architectural building blocks and have the expertise in the practices and tools required for deploying mission critical workloads on cloud infrastructure.

Are you locked into a platform that requires specialized expertise, expensive vendor support and it’s holding back your business?

Platforms like Teradata, Netezza and others lock in customers with expensive hardware and support and don’t provide a flexible path to grow with you. Pragmatic Works offers a unique experience to help you harness cloud capabilities and achieve the fastest and shortest path to the cloud.

We are trusted by Microsoft to guide top customers from Teradata or Netezza to Azure Data Services. Pragmatic Works has exceptional partnerships and tooling to quickly assess your environment and propose a new architecture to take your business to the next level.

Pragmatic Works can help address the following concerns:

  • What if I’m stuck in my current hardware and I can’t see a way out?
  • How do we get specialized experience, partnerships and automation to unlock legacy appliance technologies?
  • What if my team can’t manage this new environment when it’s ready to launch?

Are you trying to maximize your business’s potential by unlocking the true power of your data, no matter where it is?

Pragmatic Works can show you how to create a data platform practice that gives your organization the reliability and advanced business intelligence solultions you’re looking for. With this new technology, you gain the freedom to store data wherever you want and deploy data solutions wherever your business needs.

With our data platform solutions, we can develop transactional and real-time experiences to harness the power of big data, enabling you to make better decisions, faster, and with advanced business intelligence and data warehousing.

We can clear up all your Data Platform questions like:

  • Can we migrate our SQL Server databases without changing our apps?
  • How can we use Azure SQL Data Warehouse to scale, compute and store to improve data analytics?
  • Can we accelerate business processes through data science with a high-performance analytics platform on Azure?

Are you struggling to find the right hybrid cloud solution that can launch you into the future while still taking advantage of existing infrastructure?

If you’re looking for a cloud platform that enables choices and provides flexibility with a consistent experience across your full environment, a hybrid cloud solution would be the ideal choice. Pragmatic Works’ experts not only understand this need, but are highly skilled in adapting and executing this type of specialized environment.

Based on our years of enterprise experience, we design Azure hybrid solutions that offer true consistency across cloud and on-premises with the broadest set of hybrid capabilities in applications, data, identity, security, and management.

Pragmatic Works can help you address common questions such as:

  • How can we design and deliver new capabilities that support our hybrid needs so that we can run our business successfully on Azure?
  • How can we use enterprises to prepare for surges in traffic levels and allow for storage and compute to flex on demand?
  • Can a hybrid solution enable speedy prototyping of applications and services with resources that can be provisioned quickly?
  • Can a hybrid infrastructure enable my business to manage varying types of workloads across hundreds of thousands of services?

Does your organization need help increasing your value from cloud investments while managing risk, costs, and governance?

Pragmatic Works’ Azure Managed Services provides you with our expert solutions and support for your specific infrastructure and applications. With flexible levels of service created for your requirements and budget, we can provide exactly what you need, when you need it. From a breakdown of consumption, to the migration of mission-critical applications to the cloud, our Managed Services help you manage costs, ensure security, and gain operational control.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Cloud Partner, we can assist you whether you’re looking for daily operational support or fully managed enterprise workloads. Pragmatic Works can help you scale up as needed and provide security services that ensure your data is safe and meets all industry specific regulations. Eliminate the stress of a new platform by letting us manage your cloud with you.

Pragmatic Works can help you with the following questions:

  • How can we keep track of analysis and reporting of Azure consumption and our environment?
  • Can you manage workflows, governance and automation for us?
  • With security and risk management concerns, how can we guarantee backups and disaster recovery services?
  • How can we make sure we have the infrastructure, servers, and client requirements to move to the Cloud?

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