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Pragmatic Works Power Apps Component Library

The free Pragmatic Works Power Apps Component Library helps you build applications much faster by eliminating the mundane parts of building applications. In a few moments, you can install this UI framework to build out common headers, tabs and menus in minutes, not hours. If you change the component in one location, every app using it can also optionally change.


  • comHeaderTablet – A standardized header for your organization to brand your organization and welcome users
  • comSideMenu – A collapsible menu to navigate between screens. Allows for grouping of screens easily.
  • comButtonMenu – A landing page menu to provide an easy user experience on the welcome screen
  • comTabs – Horizontal tabs for breaking a form or information into different tabs easily
  • comLoadingSpinner – If you have a screen that’s taking a long time to complete an operation, this spinner provides user feedback that something is happening
  • comShadowBox – A shadowed stylized box to use for your dialog boxes or side panels


Microsoft is heavily invested in bringing Artificial Intelligence capability to their business line of products like Power BI. In this session we will cover many of the AI capabilities built into Power BI. These AI tools are powerful and once you learn how to use them you will wonder how you ever created Power BI reports without them. With AI visuals you can empower users to gain new insights in more interactive ways and receive direct answers to their questions. It’s all about working smarter and not harder for your report developers and data consumers.


What You’ll Learn:

  • AI in the Power Query Editor
  • AI Visuals for Report Building
    • Smart Narratives
    • Data Insights
    • Q&A Enhancements
    • Key Influencers
    • Decomp Tree
    • Anomaly Detection
  • AI in the Power BI Service
    • Quick Insights



Download and install the latest version of the Power BI Desktop 

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