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Pragmatic Works Power Apps Component Library

The free Pragmatic Works Power Apps Component Library helps you build applications much faster by eliminating the mundane parts of building applications. In a few moments, you can install this UI framework to build out common headers, tabs and menus in minutes, not hours. If you change the component in one location, every app using it can also optionally change.


  • comHeaderTablet – A standardized header for your organization to brand your organization and welcome users
  • comSideMenu – A collapsible menu to navigate between screens. Allows for grouping of screens easily.
  • comButtonMenu – A landing page menu to provide an easy user experience on the welcome screen
  • comTabs – Horizontal tabs for breaking a form or information into different tabs easily
  • comLoadingSpinner – If you have a screen that’s taking a long time to complete an operation, this spinner provides user feedback that something is happening
  • comShadowBox – A shadowed stylized box to use for your dialog boxes or side panels


This free live session is designed for those who have little experience with Power BI to give a better understanding of how end-to-end solutions can be designed. This course covers how to load data with Power BI Desktop, how to use some basic DAX, and create amazing visualizations on your data. Power BI is an impressive, one -stop reporting and analytical tool. You can connect and shape your data, as well as build reporting solutions that help drive decision making.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Connect and organize your data 
  • Create data cleansing processes in Power BI
  • Organize your data model
  • DAX Basics
  • Build Interactive Reports
  • Deploy and share your solution

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