Administering Business Intelligence


  • How to write queries that involve multiple tables and summary queries
  • How to modify data and understand the logical programming aspects of T-SQL
This course includes:

Course Description

Administration of SQL Server can often be as simple as query tuning a T-SQL statement or configuring a server properly. When a Business Intelligence developer gets a hold of other ‘cool’ features provided in Standard or Enterprise Edition of SQL Server, then the range of knowledge a DBA has needs to keep up with developers. The administrator does not need to know how to develop an integration service (SSIS) package or create a calculated measure in analysis services (SSAS), but it is good to understand what is needed to help debug and maintain the features used in their enterprise IT systems. Most shops do not use all these components, but most do use more than one.


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Module 00 | Class Introduction
22m 10s total


Module 00A | Class Introduction
22m 10s


Module 01 | Installation and Configuration
95m 93s total


Module 01A | Installation
48m 27s


Module 01B | Server Configuration
15m 08s


Module 01C | SSRS, DQS, and MDS Configuration
32m 58s


Module 02 | Administering SSIS
94m 68s total


Module 02A | Introduction to SSIS
12m 13s


Module 02B | SSIS Catalog
13m 43s


Module 02C | Catalog Configuration
08m 49s


Module 02D | Executing a Package – SQL Server Agent
21m 28s


Module 02E | Executing a Package – T-SQL
10m 14s


Module 02F | Executing a Package – Other Execution Options
04m 13s


Module 02G | Environments
07m 46s


Module 02H | Best Practices
07m 10s


Module 02I | Security
03m 24s


Module 02J | Monitoring
07m 28s


Module 03 | Data Quality Services
40m 60s total


Module 03A | Introduction
20m 10s


Module 03B | Administration
20m 50s


Module 04 | Master Data Services
55m 35s total


Module 04A | Overview
24m 34s


Module 04B | Administrative Tasks
31m 01s


Module 05 | Administering SSAS
156m 24s total


Module 05A | Introduction to SSAS
17m 01s


Module 05B | SSAS Design Basics
18m 22s


Module 05C | Projects and Databases
17m 12s


Module 05D | Real Time Analytics
09m 50s


Module 05E | Partitions
14m 57s


Module 05F | Processing Data
21m 30s


Module 05G | Configuration
14m 56s


Module 05H | Maintenance
12m 57s


Module 05I | Monitoring
23m 09s


Module 05J | Security
08m 30s


Module 06 | Administering SSRS
102m 50s total


Module 06A | Overview
16m 05s


Module 06B | Configuration Manager
12m 05s


Module 06C | Reporting Services Tools
16m 00s


Module 06D | Deployment
11m 20s


Module 06E | Data Sources
12m 42s


Module 06F | Security
09m 35s


Module 06G | Administrative Tasks
17m 08s


Module 06H | Subscriptions and Power BI Integration
08m 35s



Training Content Manager
Thomas LeBlanc (Microsoft Data Platform MVP) is a Data Warehouse Architect in Baton Rouge, LA. Today, he designs Dimensional Models in the financial industry while using Integration (SSIS) and Analysis Services (SSAS) for development along with Reporting Services (SSRS) and Power BI for reporting. Starting as a developer in COBOL while at LSU, he has been a developer, tester, project manager, and team lead, as well as a software trainer for writing documentation. His involvement in the SQL Server community includes speaking at SQLPASS.org Summits, SQLSaturday events since 2011, IT/Dev Connections and Live! 360. He is the past Chair of the PASS Data Architecture and Excel Business Intelligence Virtual Chapters and worked on the nomination committee for the PASS Board of Directors in 2016 and 2017.

System Requirements

What to Know Before Class

Basic DBA skills that can be obtained by watching our DBA Fundamentals course.


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Pending reviews - check back later

Pending reviews - check back later

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