Advanced T-SQL


  • How to write queries that involve multiple tables and summary queries
  • How to modify data and understand the logical programming aspects of T-SQL
This course includes:

Course Description

Advanced Querying with T-SQL is an intensive course designed specifically for SQL developers. This course has been designed using examples from real-world scenarios. In many cases, the course will demonstrate the different methods to solve a particular scenario, and then explain why one may be better than another due to performance reasons. The course has a heavy emphasis on writing optimal queries.


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Module 00 | Advanced T-SQL Introduction
04m 57s total


Module 00A | Advanced T-SQL Introduction
04m 57s


Module 01 | Execution Plan Basics
24m 17s total


Module 01A | Execution Plan Basics
24m 17s


Module 02 | Working with NULLS
19m 08s total


Module 02A | Working with NULLS
19m 08s


Module 03 | Window Functions
92m 56s total


Module 03A | Ranking Functions
21m 59s


Module 03B | Aggregate Function
14m 15s


Module 03C | Framing
25m 44s


Module 03D | Alternative Methods
10m 26s


Module 03E | Analytical Functions
21m 12s


Module 04 | Working with Sets
36m 08s total


Module 04A | EXCEPT
24m 08s


Module 04B | INTERSECT and UNION
12m 00s


Module 05 | Advanced Joins
52m 73s total


Module 05A | Self Joins
25m 55s


Module 05B | NON-EQUI, CROSS and OUTER Joins
27m 18s


Module 06 | Functions
58m 78s total


Module 06A | Scalar Functions
23m 21s


Module 06B | Table-Valued Functions
35m 57s


Module 07 | Apply Operator
41m 31s total


Module 07A | Introduction to Apply
18m 07s


Module 07B | Apply for Performance
23m 24s


Module 08 | Pivot and UnPivot
28m 62s total


Module 08A | PIVOT
17m 13s


Module 08B | UNPIVOT
11m 49s


Module 09 | Subqueries
21m 30s total


Module 09A | Subqueries
21m 30s


Module 10 | CTEs, Temp Tables and Derived Tables
110m 77s total


Module 10A | Introduction to CTEs
24m 29s


Module 10B | Simplifying Complex Problems
15m 09s


Module 10C | Derived Tables
24m 49s


Module 10D | Recursion and Modifying Data
28m 31s


Module 10E | Temp Tables
18m 59s


20m 37s total


20m 37s


Module 12 | IF.. ELSE and EXISTS
30m 04s total


Module 12A | IF.. ELSE and EXISTS
30m 04s


Module 13 | Merge
14m 48s total


Module 13A | Merge
14m 48s


Module 14 | Miscellaneous Functions
58m 12s total


Module 14A | Miscellaneous Functions
32m 08s


Module 14B | SQL Server 2016 New Features
26m 04s


Module 15 | Dynamic SQL
38m 13s total


Module 15A | Dynamic SQL
38m 13s


Module 16 | Cursors and While Loop
29m 04s total


Module 16A | Cursors and While Loop
29m 04s


Module 17 | XML
93m 27s total


Module 17A | XML RAW
14m 09s


Module 17B | XML AUTO
16m 20s


Module 17C | XML PATH
16m 13s


Module 17D | XML Shredding
21m 33s


Module 17E | XQUERY
17m 19s


Module 17F | XML PATH – Comma Delimited List
08m 33s


Module 18 | Transactions
18m 25s total


Module 18A | Transactions
18m 25s


Module 19 | Error Handling
27m 55s total


Module 19A | Error Handling
27m 55s



Training Content Manager
Mitchell Pearson has been with Pragmatic Works for 8 years as a Data Platform Consultant and the Training Content manager. Mitchell has authored books on SQL Server, Power BI and the Power Platform. Data Platform experience includes designing and implementing enterprise level Business Intelligence solutions with the Microsoft SQL Server stack (T-SQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), the Power Platform and Microsoft Azure.


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System Requirements

  • SQL Server 2005 or greater

What to Know Before Class

A basic understanding of T-SQL is required prior to taking this course.

Very good. I especially enjoyed the instruction on some of the newer features which I was otherwise unaware of, such as the string_split() function. I also enjoyed the XML information.

Matt W.

REALLY enjoyed Mitchell's "real world" examples based on his consulting experience. This kind of material is what sets the Pragmatic Works training apart.

Will S.

Good presentation, good explanations of all the logical steps as to why you do such and such. Very helpful.


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