Daniel Straitiff

Daniel Straitiff is a Trainer, Consultant, and Training Content Manager for Pragmatic Works specializing in the Power Platform. An Air Force veteran with a background in technology and broadcast media, he has the skills to develop high quality training content and provide engaging learning experiences. With Microsoft Certifications in Power BI, Power Automate, and the Power Platform, Daniels efforts are currently focused on helping our customers learn and master the Power Platform.

Current Engagements:


Data Analyst Associate

 Microsoft • Issued  • Expires 

Microsoft Certified Trainer

 Microsoft • Issued  • Expires 

Power Platform Fundamentals

 Microsoft • Issued  • Expires 


“It’s rare to have an instructor who is personable and NORMAL. Daniel Straitiff’s sense of humor was extremely welcome; the fact that he seemed like a guy I could hang out with made the class fun. And let’s be honest, Power BI is not the kind of thing that’s “fun” to learn, unlike, say, learning how to throw a spiral in football or learning how to eat a caramel apple. But Daniel did a great job of making the material as fun as possible while keeping our attention (as much as someone can in a 10 hour training). Bring this guy back for more training–and lemme know when he returns.”

“Daniel Straitiff is an excellent instructor. I appreciate how he anticipates the needs of the learners in Humana and that he focuses in on extremely relevant examples.”

“Daniel was a fantastic instructor and overall this was one of the better courses I have taken introducing a framework for a new software. Strong material, with great lab walk-throughs. I see amazing potential and opportunity with Power BI. Can’t wait to get this rolling within my dept.”

“Daniel did a very nice job illustrating concepts and pointing out some more common use cases/questions that may arise. The demo materials with complete walk-throughs also very helpful.”