BI Documenter - VCU Health System
"The time and effort BI Documenter saves my team by documenting the entire BI stack is priceless."
Carlos Dickens

Manager, Data Warehouse

VCU Health System

BI Documenter - John Dempsey
"BI Documenter allowed me to document not only the database objects, but SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS too. This is a great benefit. It provided access to their metadata database repository the software used which I felt was a big plus. A must have tool."
John Dempsey
BI Documenter - Microsoft
"I'd say you have a very impressive and extremely useful product here. I highly recommend [BI Documenter] to anyone who wants to take snapshots of their SQL Server BI solution... Cool product."
Kirk Haselden

Development Manager

SQL Server Integration Services, Microsoft Corporation

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BI Documenter
Generate complete SQL Server BI documentation at the push of a button.
  • Database and BI documentation
  • Data profiling
  • Impact and lineage analysis
  • Compare changes to your BI environment

BI Documenter outputs "MSDN style" SQL Server documentation in either compiled help (CHM) or HTML format. While documenting all of the major SQL Server components, BI Documenter also documents the entire BI stack, including Analysis Services (SSAS), Integration Services (SSIS), and Reporting Services (SSRS).The unique documentation snapshot feature enables archiving of historical SQL Server documentation sets. New documents can be regenerated at the touch of a button. BI Documenter also allows you to customize the look and feel of your documentation with the ability to add your own branding. Product FAQs

Visually determine what has been changed, added, or removed from your environment in just a few clicks using BI Documenter’s Compare Snapshot feature.
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BI Documenter allows you to customize the look and feel of your documentation using BI Documenter’s documentation template.
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Show how your database tables relate using BI Documenter's built-in diagram editor.
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BI Documenter gives your four different choices for exporting your documentation: CHM, HxS, HTM, or DOCX.
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Visually determine how various BI Objects within your environment are interconnected using BI Documenter’s Object Lineage and Impact Analysis.
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Completely automate your snapshot and documentation process with BI Documenter’s easy to use Snapshot Command Line Scheduler.
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BI Documenter provides you with the information necessary to better understand each of your SQL Server Databases. Whether it is using parent and child dependencies to update Database Schemas or utilize an entire DDL Script provided by BI Documenter to recreate a lost or damaged environment, BI Documenter SQL Server Database documentation is here to help.
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BI Documenter will document Data Space Usage, Server Level settings such as Backup Devices, Server Configurations, Jobs, Logins, and more.
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BI Documenter helps you understand the complexity of Analysis Services providing you with the tools necessary to make informed decisions regarding any changes needing to be made to your Cubes and AS Database.
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BI Documenter allows you to quickly develop an overview of your Integration Services Packages. Visually displaying the control and data flow as well as properties and expressions used for each component, variable, and connection manager.
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Develop a better understanding of your Native or SharePoint Integrated Report Servers using BI Documenter’s SSRS Report Documentation.
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