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Meet our instructors

Brian Knight

Founder and CEO

Brian Knight is the owner and founder of Pragmatic Works and is a serial entrepreneur, starting other companies throughout his prolific career. He is the author of more than fifteen technical books and has spoken at dozens of conferences like PASS, SQL Connections, and TechEd. He has received a number of awards from the state, governor and press including the Business Ambassador Award (Governor) and Top CEO (Jacksonville Magazine). He is on the board of the region’s Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation.

Devin Knight


Devin Knight is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and President of Pragmatic Works. He was also a Microsoft Data Platform MVP for 9 years. His main focus is driving adoption of technology through learning. Devin is an author of nine books on Power Platform, Business Intelligence, and SQL Server. He has been selected as a speaker for conferences like Power Platform Summit, PASS Summit, SQLSaturdays, and Code Camps for many years. As a Jacksonville FL resident, Devin is a contributing member to several local user groups in the area.

Mitchell Pearson

Data Engineer (Azure) Trainer

Mitchell Pearson has been with Pragmatic Works for 11 years as a Data Platform Consultant, Trainer and Team Lead. Mitchell has authored books on SQL Server, Power BI and the Power Platform. Data Platform experience includes designing and implementing enterprise level Business Intelligence solutions with the Microsoft SQL Server stack (T-SQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), the Power Platform, Microsoft Azure and Fabric.

Manuel Quintana

Data Engineer (Azure) Trainer

As a Training Content Manager and Trainer with Pragmatic Works, Manuel uses his extensive knowledge of the BI Stack (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS etc.) to deliver exciting and engaging content. He also has experience with T-SQL, DAX, Power Platform and Azure Data Services. Manuel, however, is known for his impressive knowledge of the Microsoft Power BI tool. A native of Puerto Rico, He graduated from the University of Central Florida and loves being involved in the world of business intelligence. Manuel is a thought leader in the BI community.

Matt Peterson

Power Platform Trainer

Matt Peterson is a Trainer for Pragmatic Works specializing in the Power Platform. He graduated from the University of North Florida in 2006 and comes with 15 years of teaching experience in high school algebra. Matt earned the accomplishment in 2013 of being named the Florida Gifted Teacher of The Year. His primary focus is helping our customers learn the ins and outs of Power Apps and Power BI.

Jonathon Silva

Power Platform Trainer

Jonathon Silva is a Power Platform Expert, Trainer and Consultant at Pragmatic Works. He has a decade of experience as a high school teacher, which he leverages to design and deliver engaging and practical training courses. Jonathon is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Lead Instructor and Train-the-Trainer for Microsoft in a Day events, such as Automation in a Day (Power Automate), App in a Day (Power Apps) and Dashboard in a Day (Power BI). He is also a Power Automate Specialist who creates and shares valuable content on blog and YouTube platforms, offering guidance and insights on how to build effective workflows, apps, reports, and SharePoint sites.

Austin Libal

Data Engineer (Azure) Trainer

Austin is a Jacksonville native who graduated from The Baptist College of Florida in 2012. He previously worked as a manager in the retail service industry. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids. His primary focus at Pragmatic Works is on Azure Synapse Analytics and teaching the best practices for data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics. He also enjoys helping customers learn the ins and outs of Power BI and showing people new ways to grow their business with the Power Platform.

Allison Gonzalez

Power BI Trainer

Allison graduated from Flagler College in 2011. She has worked in management and training for tech companies for the past decade. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, her primary focus is helping our customers learn the ins and outs of Power BI, along with Excel and Teams. 

Angelica Choo Quan

Power BI Trainer

Shortly after graduating from the University of Florida in 2012, Angelica moved to Jacksonville and began her career as a high school Biology teacher. As a trainer at Pragmatic Works, her primary goal is to help individuals feel more comfortable and confident using Power BI. While not in the office, she enjoys traveling around the city of Jax to check out local eateries, live music events, and performing arts.

Nate Halliwell

Power Platform Trainer

Nate Halliwell is a Power Platform enthusiast, specializing in Power Apps and Power Automate. He began his journey into the Power Platform as a “Citizen Developer” while working as a recruiter in talent acquisition. He used Pragmatic Works to train himself on the technology and hopes to use this new role as a trainer to help others achieve similar career transitions! Nate is PL-900 and PL-100 Certified, and ready to help you take on any Power Apps or Power Automate challenges you or your organization are currently facing!

Outside of work, Nate is a husband, a father to 2 boys, and a beer league hockey player.

Greg Trzeciak

Power BI Trainer

Gregory Trzeciak has his master’s degree in Education from the University of Florida. He has 9 years of teaching experience in high school, college level, and summer programs where he was recognized as a top educator and leader in interactive education. As a trainer at Pragmatic Works, his primary goal is to help individuals gain confidence in using Power BI and the Power Platform. While not in the office, he enjoys fantasy football, walking his dog, and running half-marathons!

Ace Phillips

Power Platform Trainer

Ace Phillips is a Jacksonville native who has a lifelong passion for technology and mechanics. They possess a strong desire for continuous learning and exploration in various fields. Ace discovered their love for coding at an early age and has since honed their expertise in Java and HTML, as well as expanded their knowledge to include Javascript, Python, C++, and Rust.

In addition to their professional pursuits, Ace enjoys various hobbies such as playing tabletop roleplaying games, cycling with their canine companion Kronos, coding, gaming with friends, and creating digital art during their leisure time.

Amelia Roberts

Power BI Trainer

Amelia Roberts has a Master's in Education and spent 10 years teaching grades K-12 before joining the Pragmatic Works Training Team.  Her goal at Pragmatic Works is provide energetic and engaging trainings that build up your confidence in various programs. Her outside hobbies include coaching a dance team, reading, and experiencing life with her son.  

Nick Lee

Data Engineer (Azure) Trainer

Nick has been a dedicated trainer and consultant since 2018, leveraging his extensive experience working with major companies, including Fortune 200 corporations, professional sports organizations, government entities, and leading firms in the finance and healthcare sectors. With a specialized focus on Power BI and data engineering, Nick has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive data-driven decision-making and optimize business processes. His commitment to excellence and his in-depth technical expertise have made him a trusted advisor and sought-after expert in the industry.

Tyler Strate

Learning Content Developer

Tyler Strate comes from a manual labor family background with extensive experience in house painting and general home repair. Despite always doing well in school, he struggled to decide on a career path. Tyler dropped out of his Psychology degree program to pursue a job in the tech industry, teaching himself to code and achieving multiple certifications in Python programming and IT support. Within two years, he was fortunate enough to land a job with the Pragmatic Works team and has enjoyed every moment of it.

Tyler's hobbies include producing electronic music, drawing abstract art, and gaming until RSI affects his joints. Tyler is a practiced meditator in search of himself, spending much time exploring the concept of living in the moment. He loves soft sounds, spending time with friends on Discord, and grinding his Old-school Runescape Ironman.

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