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Get unstuck with mentors on-demand

Have a project you or your team are getting stuck on? Call in a training mentor on-demand to help you in sessions as short as 30 minutes or as long as two hours.

Buy a bank of hours and use them for up to a year.


Mentor On-Demand


Volume pricing available

  • Get unblocked when developing
  • Access to private calendar. Schedule sessions as short as 30 minutes and up to 2 hours.
  • Experts on demand for Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, Azure Data Stack

*Minimum purchase of 3 hours. Unused hours expire after 12 months. Not intended for production support.


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Custom pricing

  • Empower your team to take charge of your environment
  • In-depth training with minimal time and financial investment
  • Choose between Microsoft Data and Cloud technologies based on your company’s needs
  • Documentation and recommendations for team members

What our students have to say

Group 116046788 Alyssa C.

I'm always so encouraged after a mentor session with Nate and have a renewed excitement for Power Automate. I so appreciate the troubleshooting help and can accomplish in 30 minutes with Nate what would have probably taken me 6 hours of Googling, trial and error on my own. Thank you!

Group 116046788 Raegan B.

Matt is the type of guy that you just feel like you have known him for a long time.  He was able to provide me with some solid direction and feedback that I will be able to use with the meeting notes template and a personal project I have been thinking about for time keeping.  Best way to improve your service is to have more people like Matt.

Build your solution faster with hackathons-min

Build your solution faster with a Hackathon

With a Pragmatic Works’ Hackathon you can gain deeper insights from your data and use it to meet your specific information needs, leading to better and more informed decisions. Our goal is to help sharpen minds and make professional and corporate advancements tangible.

We can help you channel innovation into a focused effort and turn your existing team into experts fully capable of both implementing and maintain your solution.

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Take Your Learning To New Heights.

Get access to our very best training offerings for successful up-skilling and adoption with Pragmatic Works Season Learning Pass.

What you’ll get:

  • Full access to all our on-demand learning courses
  • Unlimited enrollment in any of our live, instructor-led boot camps
  • 3 Hours of one-on-one private virtual mentoring
  • Courses labs and files
  • Learning concierge / advisor
  • Exclusive teams channel for pass holders
Thousands of Happy Clients

97% of fortune 100 companies trust us

Thousands of companies use Pragmatic Works to learn how to best develop and administer their analytics and data systems.


Frequently asked questions

How do I schedule a session?

Details on how to schedule a mentoring session will be provided after your purchase.

Can a mentor session be recorded?

Absolutely! You have the option to record your virtual mentor session and revisit it at your convenience.

How many people can join a mentoring session?

Mentoring sessions are meant to be 1:1 meetings so they remain focused. However, you can have one additional attendee purely as an observer.

Can I email a mentor directly with questions?

Absolutely! However, emailing a mentor directly outside of your session would reduce your Virtual Mentoring balance by a minimum of 15 minutes. Always use the mentoring distribution email address provided.

How long will I have to wait for my mentor session to be scheduled?

We do our best to have any mentor sessions scheduled within a week of the request. However, if your topic requires a specific resource it may take longer.

What if I forget to cancel my scheduled mentor session?

Our mentors understand that life can get busy, that's why they will wait for you up to 8 minutes after the scheduled start time. However, should you not reach out to reschedule during that time, a 15 minute no show fee will be charged to your Virtual Mentor balance. Let's make the most out of our time together!

Is Virtual Mentoring time only logged for peer to peer sessions or can a mentor work on something without me present?

Any mentoring time logged will start with a live meeting with a mentor. However, your mentor may ask you if you are ok with them using some of your purchased time to troubleshoot a specific problem that they were not able to resolve during the live session. They will only do this with your permission and will inform you of the time that will be used ahead of time.

Can I use Virtual Mentoring to get help connecting to a third party API?

No, unfortunately connecting to various third-party APIs is outside the scope of what can be covered in Virtual Mentoring sessions. Each API has their own challenges and documentation that our team is likely not going to be proficient in understanding.

Do Virtual Mentor hours expire?

Yes, you have 12 months from the date of purchase to use your Virtual Mentor hours. At that point they are considered expired.

Can Virtual Mentoring be used to learn about Preview or Beta features?

No, unfortunately preview or beta features are often so new that they may be consider unstable or we simply have not had time to learn about them ourselves! 

Will I get the same mentor for all of my sessions?

We will make our best effort to have the same mentor meet with you (we prefer this too) each time but if schedules do not align, we ask for flexibility to meet with other mentors.

How long will I have to wait for a response to my mentor request?

One of our Mentors will respond back to you within one business day.

Can I use this as support for production solutions?

Virtual Mentoring is a learning service and should not be used for production support. There should never be a need for an emergency or urgent mentor request.

What is the maximum and minimum amount of scheduled Virtual Mentoring time I can have in a day?

The minimum scheduled session is 30 minutes and the maximum cumulative amount of time in one day is 2 hours. Meaning, you can have more then one session in a day but they should not exceed 2 hours.

Are Virtual Mentoring hours transferable to others within the organization?

Yes, others within the organization may use purchased Virtual Mentoring hours with the permission of the original purchaser.

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