SSIS Rest Source

With Task Factory's SSIS Rest Source component, you're given a powerful SSIS Rest Client that gives you the ability to consume data from virtually any rest web service and bring it into your data flow with zero programming. You can use the Rest Source to connect to popular services like Zendesk, GoToWebinar, Google, Microsoft and Paypal. All without ever using a script task again.

See The Rest Source In Action

SSIS Rest Source

The REST Source in Task Factory allows you to connect to almost any web service / cloud application that utilizes a REST API and bring that data right into your data flow. 

The component can handle both XML and JSON data being returned from the Rest endpoints which means it supports both legacy (XML based) and newly created (with JSON) REST endpoints. 

With it's support for Basic Rest, OAuth1 and OAuth2 authentication, the Rest Source you can connect to and extract data from your accounts on platforms such as ZenDesk, GoToWebinar, Survey Monkey, MailChimp and many more!

Want to see the rest source in action? Watch the video above!

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