SSIS Secure FTP (SFTP) Task

Download Task Factory and you'll be sending files to and from your SFTP server in minutes without writing a single line of code in SSIS.


Secure FTP (SFTP) SSIS Task Details

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The Task Factory Secure FTP (SFTP) Task is easy-to-use with SSIS. In as little as one minute, you'll have the task configured and ready to go without writing a single line of code. The SFTP Task works with SSH, Implicit and Explicit SFTP Servers. Not only does the SFTP Task work with all SFTP servers, it also works with the far less supported Implicit FTPS and Explicit FTPS servers. Which means it works with your SFTP server.

You can do more than just upload and download files. The Secure FTP Task uploads and downloads files with ease: But it's functionality doesn't stop there. You can execute virtually any type of activity you need to perform with your SFTP server.

Feature Highlights

  • Upload a single file from the server
  • Downloading a single file from the server
  • Upload a whole directory to the server
  • Download a whole directory from the server
  • Delete a file on the server
  • Delete a directory on the server
  • Delete files in a directory using a wildcard match
  • Create a directory on the server
  • Check if a file exists on the server
  • Get a list of files and assigning the list to a variable

Testimonial What People Say About Task Factory

“The business benefit included significant reducing of development time for packages where we needed to ingest or transfer file via SFTP.”

Matt Cushing
Scott Robidoux
Director of Data Solutions, United Way of Connecticut

“We got Task Factory mostly because of Pragmatic Works reputation for the service they provide and the specific need of a secure SFTP task.”

Gabriel Gray
Matt Cushing
Loews Corporation

Some Our Clients that Use Task Factory 96% of Fortune 100 Companies Trust Pragmatic Works

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Contains 65+ tasks, connection managers, sources and destinations for SSIS. You can compare editions here. Task Factory does not require a license while you're running packages in Visual Studio.

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