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Contains 65+ tasks, connection managers, sources and Destinations for SSIS. You can compare editions here. Task Factory does not require a license while you're running packages in Visual Studio.

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SSIS Components to Load and Manage Your Data Warehouse

Manage and load your data warehouse more efficiently! Between never having to rebuild an SCD wizard or having to configure 30 lookup transform to insert a single row into a fact table again, you’ll love our data warehouse components.

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    Need to conditionally insert or update into your SQL Server or Oracle table from your source data in SSIS? Don’t want to have to use the standard SSIS Upsert pattern of creating a lookup (sometimes multiple lookups) and creating two OLE destinations to insert or update your data?

    The problem with the standard Upsert pattern is the lookup can be SLOW and the OLE DB destination executes an insert or update statement for every single row. That’s a lot of round trips and time to execute row by row.

    Our Upsert Destination component merges all of those steps into a single, easy to configure UI that allows you to conditionally insert or update data into a SQL Server or Oracle table. This saves you from a long, frustrating development cycle and could save up to 90% of run-time on each execution of an SSIS package!

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    Are you sick of how long it takes to load your dimension tables with the native slowly changing dimension transform? Do you cringe at the thought of having to edit your SCD by running the SCD wizard again, knowing it will destroy parts of your data flow? Do you spend countless hours trying to figure out why data is being sent to outputs with absolutely no explanation of why?

    Dimension Merge Transform is a powerful replacement for the native slowly changing dimension (SCD) wizard in SSIS. Dimension Merge includes a much more in-depth user interface than the standard SCD wizard, one that gives you complete control of the SCD configuration without the painful editing and rebuilding process.

    Our clients report up to 700x improvement in dimension load speed over the native SSIS SCD transform component, since all the logic is done in-memory and not row-by-row.

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    There are two ways to load a fact table in SSIS. The slow, frustrating way with multiple time-consuming, cache filling, memory pressuring dimension lookups, as well as splitting data between insert and update just to test the package. Or you can load them the super simple way by using Task Factory's Fact Table Destination!

    With just a single user interface, you can choose between insert and update actions for the fact table, configure table join conditions to dimension tables from their source data, create column aliases for multiple lookups on the same dimension and define a default value to prevent NULLS from being added. Advanced features like ranged lookups are also supported. Save hours off your fact table development and load with this batch process!

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    If you've ever tried to use range lookups in the native SSIS lookups, you know how painful this setup can be. That is, if you can ever get it to work correctly. Because of this, Pragmatic Works created our own lookup called Advanced Lookup Transform.

    With Advanced Lookup Transform, range lookups and non-equality lookups are a snap and you never have to write a single query or any T-SQL at all! Advanced Lookup Transform also supports the standard lookup functionality as well.