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How to Create a SharePoint Alert

How to Create a SharePoint Alert

In this tutorial, Jonathan Silva demonstrates how to create SharePoint alerts to stay informed about document library changes, making it a valuable resource for SharePoint users.

The process involves the following steps:

  • Access the SharePoint Document Library: Navigate to the SharePoint site and locate the document library you want to set up alerts for.

  • Access Alerts: Click on the three dots (ellipses) in the top-right corner of the document library and select "Alert Me."

  • Customize Alert Settings:

    • Alert Title: You can name the alert as per your preference.
    • Recipients: Choose who should receive the alerts. By default, it's the site owner, but you can add more recipients or even groups.
    • Delivery Method: Select how you want to receive alerts, such as via email, text, or URL with text messages.
    • Change Type: Specify the types of changes that should trigger alerts. Options include all changes or specific actions like new items.
    • Send Alerts For: Define the specific changes you want to be alerted about, such as new items.
  • Frequency of Alerts:

    • Choose when to send the alerts: immediately, daily summary, or weekly summary.
  • Save Alert: Click "OK" to save the alert settings.

  • Testing the Alert: Add a new document to the library to test the alert. You should receive an email notification immediately or as per your chosen frequency.

  • Managing Alert Frequency: Consider adjusting the alert frequency based on the site's activity. For heavily used sites, you might prefer weekly summaries to avoid excessive notifications.

Jonathan Silva concludes the tutorial, highlighting the importance of understanding your site's activity and adjusting alert settings accordingly. He encourages viewers to stay tuned for more SharePoint tutorials.

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