Training that Connects with Employees

Increase adoption and build experts with Pragmatic Works Customized Enterprise Private Training.

Increase Adoption in Your Investments

Struggling to get your users to adopt the Power Platform? Pragmatic Works specializes in guiding your team to increase usage in the platforms you've invested so much into.

Relatable Demos for your Vertical

Optionally, Pragmatic Works can build demos and labs that are more relatable for your vertical so your employees can relate to the technology.

Customized Training to Meet your Needs

Does your team need more expert-level content vs. intermediate content? All content can be customized to meet your team where they're at.

Build your Team of Experts

Let our team of experts build your future team of experts. Many of our customers started with private training to create their future Centers of Excellence departments.


No two plans of attack are the same. Let’s customize a plan that works for you.

Frequently Asked Question

We give you the option of sending one of our top-notch trainers to your facility, offering the training at our Jacksonville, FL location or virtually. With all our training opportunities, we focus on learning with a purpose. That means rather than training to help pass a test, we teach your team how to be more effective at their job.

Yes, we allow for limited customizations to be made to a course outline. That means we can easily remove topics that are not applicable to your company and replace them with others if the added content comes from a course we’ve already developed. For example, if after reviewing our outline you discover that 2 of the 12 topics we cover in a course do not apply to you, depending on the duration of those 2 topics, they could potentially be replaced with different subjects from another course.

Typically, training courses are anywhere between 1 and 4 days, but the duration can vary depending on the course selected, if you would like time for labs, or if you would like to take out topics that do not apply to your company. For example, we can teach the same number of topics in 4 days that we also teach in 2 days if we remove time for hands on labs, although we highly recommend keeping hands on labs.

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