Hackathons Make Team Learning Relatable

Upgrade Your Team's Skills to the Next Level with Your own data

Power BI Training with your own data and challenges

Customize private training by using your data to get solutions to real problems.​

Training that STicks

By targeting your company's needs, attendees will leave the training with specialized knowledge .

Power Apps training Geared at Solving Your Problems

Choose the focus on a specific technology based on your company's needs.

Building Your Team of Experts

Get in-depth training and empower your team to take charge of their training.

Steps to Hackathon Success

Hackathons are our favorite ways to teach since they provide the best way for your employees to relate to a topic by solving some of their problems live. To successfully execute a hackathon, we follow the following steps.

Step 1

Planning Session

Meet to discuss your learning goals and success criteria.

Step 2  

pick the Prototype

Find a small to medium-sized business problem or process that could be accommodated in a Hackathon.

Step 3  

Baseline Training

In this one-day quick start class, we ensure that each participant is at the same level kicking off our hackathon. You can have up to 30 students in this class day.

Step 4  


You can pick a prototype to build in this 2-3 day building session. Learning sessions can include Power Platform, Azure or traditional BI. Your instructor can handle up to 10 students for this intimate session. 

Frequently Asked Question

Absolutely! The entire premise of a hackathon is to learn with your own data and business problems. We ask that you do not connect to a production system for hackathons though. Please connect to development or clone a subset of your data.

 Any example solutions developed during the Hackathon should be considered a proof of concept and not “production-ready” at the end of the engagement.

Our mentors can support hackathons for learning Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, SQL Server, most of the Azure stack or traditional BI. 

All of our trainers are full time staffed mentors at Pragmatic Works. Most are well know in the community, with dozens of books, speaking engagements and Microsoft MVPs awards.  You will know who your mentor is during the booking process of your engagement. 

Hackathons are completely customizable training engagements. Hackathons are completely custom training engagements. Our purpose is to create a group of experts within your team, so the scope should be kept fairly narrow to allow us to fully develop your team.

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Our clients say

This class was really terrific. I have already done a little work with Power BI, but I learned a ton. They tailored it to all levels. Honestly, probably the best online class I have ever had. 

— Shelly S.
Power Platform in your PJs attendee

The instructor for this course was so easy to follow and understand. I found the content to be well organized and well-focused on the point. It should be used as a model for other courses. I watched every minute of it, and I am a 20-year veteran of on-prem SQL.

— Perry C.

Intro to SQL Database student

Excellent course and great instructor. Helped me understand the more advanced concepts. The examples can be applied at work immediately which is key to showing management the value of these courses.

— David H.
Advanced DAX student

Overall, I love the virtual conference that was put together. The speakers prove they are experts in their related subjects. I learned many things; from fine-tuning my skills to stuff I never would have considered or thought of. 

— Gene M.

Power Platform Virtual Conference attendee

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