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Have a project you or your team are getting stuck on? Call in a training Mentor On-Demand to help you in sessions as short as 30 minutes or as long as two hours. Buy a bank of hours and use them for up to a year.

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  • Get unblocked when developing
  • Sessions as short as 30 mins
  • Experts on demand for Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, Azure Data Stack
  • Not intended for production support.


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  • Empower your team to take charge of your environment
  • In-depth training with minimal time and financial investment
  • Choose between Microsoft Data and Cloud technologies based on your company’s needs
  • Documentation and recommendations for team members
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With a Pragmatic Works’ Hackathon you can gain deeper insights from your data and use it to meet your specific information needs, leading to better and more informed decisions. Our goal is to help sharpen minds and make professional and corporate advancements tangible. We can help you channel innovation into a focused effort and turn your existing team into experts fully capable of both implementing and maintain your solution.


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  • Full Access to all our On Demand Learning Courses
  • Unlimited enrollment in any of our week-long Boot Camps
  • 3 Hours of one-on-one private Virtual Mentoring
  • Courses Labs and Files
  • Learning Concierge / Advisor
  • Exclusive Teams Channel for Pass Holders

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Frequently Asked Question

Since this is a pre-paid service, details on how to make a request will be provided after your purchase.

Yes, you have 12 months from the date of purchase to use your Virtual Mentor hours. At that point they are considered expired.


No, unfortunately preview or beta features are often so new that they may be consider unstable or we simply have not had time to learn about them ourselves! 

Mentoring sessions are meant to be 1:1 meetings so they remain focused. However, you can have one additional attendee purely as an observer.

We will make our best effort to have the same mentor meet with you (we prefer this too) each time but if schedules do not align, we ask for flexibility to meet with other mentors.

Emailing a mentor directly outside of your session is subject to an automatic fifteen (15) minute deduction from your bank of Virtual Mentoring hours. Always use the mentoring distribution email address provided.

One of our Mentors will respond back to you within one business day.

We do our best to have any mentor sessions scheduled within a week of the request. However, if your topic requires a specific resource it may take longer.

Virtual Mentoring is a learning service and should not be used for production support. There should never be a need for an emergency or urgent mentor request.

Mentors will wait until 8 minutes after the scheduled start time for you to attend. If they do not hear from you during that time about rescheduling we will deduct 30 minutes from your purchased hours.

The minimum scheduled session is 30 minutes and the maximum cumulative amount of time in one day is 2 hours. Meaning, you can have more then one session in a day but they should not exceed 2 hours.

Any mentoring time logged will start with a live meeting with a mentor. However, your mentor may ask you if you are ok with them using some of your purchased time to troubleshoot a specific problem that they were not able to resolve during the live session. They will only do this with your permission and will inform you of the time that will be used ahead of time.

Yes, others within the organization may use purchased Virtual Mentoring hours with the permission of the original purchaser.

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