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Speaker Description
Gareth Swanepoel Gareth Swanepoel

The Fangorn Forest - ColumnStore Indexes

Instructor: Gareth Swanepoel

Date/Time: 3/15/2012 11:00 AM

In the fantasy world of Middle-earth, deep in the Fangorn forest live the Ents. The Ents are tall tree-people who help the Fellowship by parallelizing the fight against Saruman. Come and learn how the new SQL Server 2012 feature, ColumnStore Indexes, can parallelize your Data Warehouse aggregations in the same way. I will be doing a deep dive into the inner workings of ColumnStore indexes; how they work, key characteristics, dos and don'ts, restrictions, and more. If you are a production DBA who needs to find out more about some of the additional hot features that have been included with ColumnStore Indexes, like batch mode processing and data segments, then this session is for you. If you are a business intelligence DBA or developer who needs to find out how ColumnStore Indexes can increase the performance of your aggregations and star-joins by up to 40 times, then this session is also for you.

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