DOC xPress
"DOC xPress produces complete documentation for SQL Server instances. In addition, it enables documentation for SQL SSAS and SSIS."
Task Factory - Urban Outfitters
"We have found that Task Factory tremendously speeds up the development process and improves performance by means of the high-performance components."

Tim Harris

BI Data Engineer

Urban Outfitters Inc.

DTS xChange - Amerisource Bergen Canada
"The DTS xChange Profiler was critical to our project planning phase; the SQL migration team was able to plan its resources accordingly and accurately!"

Damian Glover

Systems Manager

Amerisource Bergen Canada

BI xPress - Tech Data
"BI xPress has saved us an incredible amount of SSIS development time and allowed us to create new across the board development standards..."
Dave F.

Sr. SQL Server DBA

Tech Data

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