Deploy and Manage SSIS Packages with Ease

BI xPress speeds up BI development and administration by giving you the ability to quickly build packages, install robust auditing frameworks and helps DBAs deploy packages.

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Key Features and Benefits

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Operational Management and Monitoring

Ensure your SSIS packages run as expected and monitor their execution. Take advantage of additional detailed reporting to oversee package performance and proactively take corrective action.

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Developer Productivity

Quickly build packages, avoid repetitive work and take advantage of many development accelerators, all integrated into your familiar BIDS/SSDT development environment. 

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Data Generation

Quickly create test or sample data in your SQL Server databases. Work with randomly generated data or take advantage of the built-in data lists to generate realistic test data. Leverage your existing data to help generate data that matches your expected values. 

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Server Edition

Get the monitoring and management features of BI xPress in a web-based server solution. Easily monitor SSRS reports and SSIS packages, dive into performance trends and notify users when packages succeed or fail.. 

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Feature Reporting Standard Pro Server Pro + Server
Best Practices Analyzer
Best Practices Analyzer inspects SSIS packages and displays recommendations based on best practices.
BI Compare
BI Compare will show users the differences between two SSIS packages and show details on each object.
Data Generation
Data Generation will investigate a database table schema and offer the user some options about how to populate that column with data.
DBA xPress
MDX Calculation Builder Wizard
This feature allows you to create complex MDX Calculations in a few clicks from several available MDX templates.
Package Builder Wizard
Package Builder helps you to build packages quickly from existing templates. There are 6 different options on the Package Builder Wizard screen. You can create/modify templates or packages using this option.
Script Snippet Library
Snippet Wizard is a tool that allows BI developers to insert pre-built and tested functionality into their SSIS packages. Users can insert a task or many tasks that are included with BI xPress or they can build their own for reuse in other SSIS packages.
Secure Configuration Manager
With the Secure Configuration Manager, you can create secure configurations and add/edit configuration values easily in just a few clicks. You can also generate multiple shared configurations for selected connections and adjust naming convention using the smart rename feature.
Auditing Framework Wizard
Auditing Framework Wizard will allow you to add, remove, or edit the auditing framework for each of the packages in the solution you are currently working in. You can specify auditing database connection information, generate configuration files for the packages and specify logging options.
Auditing Framework Command Line
Auditing Framework Command Line allows teams to integrate adding/updating/removing of Auditing Framework with their DevOps (Developer Operations) and build systems such as TFS (Team Foundation Services).
SSIS Monitoring Dashboard
SSIS Monitoring Console allows you to monitor current or past SSIS executions. You can use control flow diagrams to see package execution visually just like BIDS while you debug packages.
Notification Framework Wizard
Notification Framework Wizard will allow you to create notification event handlers on events for any of the packages in the current solution. You can also choose to be notified on your mobile device by specifying a phone number and service provider.
Notification Engine
Notification Engine allows you to send notifications to multiple groups or individual people via email, SMS, log files, SQL Scripts, or even Twitter. You can also build your own notification provider to suit your own needs.
Package Deployment Wizard
Package Deployment Wizard gives users more options when deploying SSIS packages. Users can deploy multiple packages at once without having to deploy an entire project.
Reporting Performance Monitor
Report Performance Monitor will give immense insight to the performance of SSRS reports. It compiles a multitude of stats into a concise dashboard that consists of four reports.
SSIS Unit Testing
Unit testing allows developers, users, and package lifecycle administrators to ensure that a package is performing exactly what the developer implemented and handling unexpected circumstances with predefined behavior. Unit testing allows specified inputs to be used as "source" data and evaluates the task output with expected task output thereby ensuring the package behaves correctly.
Report Deployment Tool
Provides a way for users to move reports from one Reporting Services instance to another within their domain allowing an easy deployment of reports from a QA server to a production server simply by dragging and dropping reports.
User Defined Best Practices
Allows users to write their own scripts and create their own rules.
Quick Deploy Wizard
Quick Deploy SSIS Package command allows you to deploy selected packages in one click using predefined target location selection. Unlike other wizards this wizard runs in a separate thread so you can work with BIDS while deployment is in progress.
Expression Highlighter
Expression Highlighter will point out the connection managers and variables that evaluate expressions. It will also indicate which connection managers are using configuration files. Learn More
Expression List and Expression Editor
Expression List lists all objects with expressions along with object name, property name and expression. You can edit each expression by clicking the edit link. BI xPress has a custom Expression Editor which has all of the features from the standard expression editor and a reusable expression snippet library. Learn More
Variable Edit
With the Variable Edit, you can easily edit multi-line text, which is not easily possible with standard BIDS functionality. Learn More
Variable Copy/Move to New Scope
Variable Copy/Move feature allows you to copy variables from one scope to another within the same or other packages with a single click. Learn More
Variable Dependency Scanner
Find, rename, or delete unused variables. Find dependent objects for selected variables (e.g. Tasks, Precedence Constraints, Connections, Variables with expression, Configurations). Learn More
Expression Manager
Using Expression Manager, you can add/edit user defined expressions. User defined expressions are listed under "Snippets - My Expressions" node in the expression editor. Learn More
Package Sorter
With this option you can sort packages listed under "SSIS Packages" node in the solution explorer. You can sort packages by name, size and date modified. Learn More
Compile Script Tasks/Components
When working with packages in a 64 bit environment that were originally created in 32 bit, BIDS may give errors stating “Binary script not found”. To fix this manually, one must open and close each script. BI xPress will allow developers to automate this process and save time by compiling every script within a project. Learn More
Quick Config Edit
Quick Config Edit allows you open existing configurations from XML files or SQL Table. You can edit, search and save your changes easily using this tool. Learn More
Insert Data Flow Nugget
Insert Data Flow Nugget are data flow tasks that have been stored in SSIS packages and can be reused at any time. Learn More
SSIS Catalog Import
Allows organizations to import native SSIS 2012 Catalog logging data into the BI xPress repository. Users no longer have to invasively alter their SSIS packages just to view them like they would within SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT). Learn More
SSIS Unit Command Line

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View All FAQs In Support

Does DOC xPress support encrypted packages and passwords?

Yes, DOC xPress supports SSIS projects and ISPAC that encrypt passwords. It also supports encrypted SSIS packages.

Does Task Factory support Salesforce TLS 1.2?

Yes, but in order to continue using the Salesforce features, you must upgrade to the latest version of Task Factory.  Click here for more information on Salesforce's upgrade to TLS 1.2.

What versions of Visual Studio is LegiTest compatible with?

LegiTest is only compatible with Visual Studio 2012 or 2013. If you are running on an older version, you will need to upgrade.

I already have testing software in place. Why do I need LegiTest?

Most testing software only tests certain aspects of data-centric development. LegiTest allows testing across all aspects of your development lifecycle, providing validation at each stage of development

Will LegiTest work with the systems I already have in place?

Yes. LegiTest easily integrates with existing systems. It can be incorporated into build processes such as MSBuild, TFS, TeamCity and much more.

Why should I care about testing?

Testing your data ensures you catch bugs early, reduce delivery time, reduce the cost of testing and provides provable assurances of the validity of the data. But most of all, testing just works. Testing ensures accurate code, and more importantly accurate data.

What versions of SSIS does DTS xChange work with?

DTS xChange only does conversions for SSIS 2005 or 2008.

Does DTS xChange do full conversions?

In many cases it can, however it is dependent upon the contents of the existing DTS package.

How can DTS xChange save time and money?

DTS xChange uses proprietary rule based engine to migrate DTS Packages to SSIS by applying best practices of SSIS. So by using DTS xChange you not only get higher migration success rate but you also get new features supported by SSIS (e.g. Event Handlers, Logging, XML Configuration Files etc.)

What are the system requirements for DBA xPress?
  • SQL Server Integration Services 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014
  • BIDS 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 (Business Intelligence Development Studio), or SSDT 2010, 2012 (SQL Server Data Tools)
  • Microsoft ® .NET 3.5 with Service Pack 1
  • Microsoft ® .NET 4.0
  • Microsoft ® Report Viewer 2005
  • Microsoft ® SQL Server ® 2012 Transact-SQL ScriptDom x86
What is the difference between BI xPress and DBA xPress? (DBA xPress is included in the Pro version of BI xPress)

DBA xPress is a suite of tools designed to aid the DBA with the management of their SQL Servers and data. BI xPress Pro includes DBA xPress with it.

Can I view a sample document?

You can! Click here to download a sample document. Having trouble viewing CHM files? Click here for instructions on how to view them.

What are the differences between DOC xPress Pro and Server?

DOC xPress Server makes it easier to share and explore documentation across the enterprise. It eliminates the need to install DOC xPress Pro to view documentation, do lineage analysis, and update data dictionaries.

What are the system requirements for DOC xPress?
  • SQL Server Integration Services 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014
  • BIDS 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 (Business Intelligence Development Studio), or SSDT 2010, 2012 (SQL Server Data Tools)
  • Microsoft ® .NET 3.5 with Service Pack 1
  • Microsoft ® .NET 4.0
  • Microsoft ® SQL Server ® 2012 Transact-SQL ScriptDom x86
Can I customize the way my documentation works?

The DOC xPress and DOC xPress Server templates are used to lend form and reason to the output. They are fully customizable and control what information is included in the documentation. For more information, click here.

What are the system requirements for Task Factory?
  • SQL Server Integration Services 2008, 2012, or 2014
  • BIDS 2005 or 2008 (Business Intelligence Development Studio) or SQL Server Data Tools (2012 or 2014)
  • Windows XP or later
  • Windows Server 2000 or later
What functions are available with Task Factory?

There are a number of functions available with Task Factory. Click here to view a complete list.

Can Task Factory be used with Azure?

Yes, Task Factory components can be used with Azure databases.

Can I get just one feature of BI xPress and not purchase the entire product?

BI xPress comes bundled and there is no way to only sell one feature of the product.

Can I make custom templates for the Notification Framework?

Yes, you can designate the reason for the message to go out and make your own custom message that you can share with others.

What are the system requirements for BI xPress?
  • SQL Server Integration Services 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014
  • BIDS 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 (Business Intelligence Development Studio), or SSDT 2010, 2012 (SQL Server Data Tools)
  • Microsoft ® .NET 3.5 with Service Pack 1
  • Microsoft ® .NET 4.0
  • Microsoft ® Report Viewer 2005
  • Microsoft ® SQL Server ® 2012 Transact-SQL ScriptDom x86
What are the differences between BI xPress Pro and Server?

BI xPress Server provides the ability to monitor SSIS package execution as well as Reporting Services, making it easier to provide access to this information without the need to install the full BI xPress Pro software.