DBA xPress

DBA xPress provides next-generation SQL tools. Price starting at $695

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  • Visually navigate your databases
  • Visualize your schema dependencies
  • Compare, synchronize, script & navigate schemas with ease
  • Compare and synchronize data elements of SQL Server databases
  • Animated graphing tool which allows you to easily visualize complex schemas

Each of our SQL Server software products has been engineered to solve real-world issues that T-SQL professionals come up against every day and are repeatedly validated in the field against production-scale databases running under live environments. Once you have used our tools you will realize that we have significantly raised the bar for the 'gold standard' in Microsoft SQL database software product suites.

DBA xPress Features

Schema Inspector

Schema inspector will allow users to view differences between databases and synchronize the schemas between them.

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Data Inspector

Data Inspector will create detailed comparisons between the data stored in two different databases and enable users to sync data between databases.

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Data Surf

Data Surf enables users to view data in a table and also see how that data relates to other tables.

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Schema Surf

The Schema Surf tool in DBA xPress will allow DBA’s to find out how objects in a database are related.

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Data Space Analyzer

The Data Space Analyzer will assist DBA’s with managing their SQL Server instances and display graphs showing information on disk space usage.

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Pragmatic Workbench

The Pragmatic Workbench is the common user interface for Pragmatic Works tools and offers several usability features. 

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Object Browser

Object Browser lets you browse, search and filter the content of SQL Server databases with instant access to the script of each object.

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