DTS xChange

Migrates DTS to SSIS in Minutes. 20 Conversions for $900

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DTS xChange is an enterprise ready tool to convert DTS packages to SSIS 2005/2008 with very little manual effort. DTS xChange will automatically convert most of your tasks, variables, connections and any other package level settings automatically. DTS xChange offers 3-Phase approach to convert your DTS packages.

DTS xChange Features

Profile: DTS xChange Profiler

Before your migration project starts, find out quickly what you're about to jump into. DTS xChange offers a detailed profiling tool that allows you to scope out your DTS migration project.

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Convert : DTS xChange Migration Engine

Conversion of your packages can occur one by one or you could do hundreds at a time.

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Monitor: SSIS Enterprise Auditing Framework Using BI xPress

DTS xChange offers an easy way to add rich auditing features in converted packages using a custom Auditing Framework developed by Pragmatic Works. This Auditing Framework uses Native SSIS features, and comes with lots of predefined reports which can give you valuable information.

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