Speed Up Your Documentation with DOC xPress

DOC xPress can produce robust, customizable documentation in a variety of formats to fit your business needs. With support for exporting the documentation to Word, HTML, CHM or providing it via a web server by using DOC xPress Server, you can provide your technical and business users with the information they need in the most convenient format for them to consume it. In addition, the documentation can be customized for different audiences, so that users only see the most relevant information for their role.

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Tableau Provider

The Tableau Provider allows you to document all of your Tableau reports, integrating them into your DOC xPress solution. You will see not only the detailed metadata associated with the report but a preview image of the Tableau report itself. In addition, your Tableau server’s users and groups can be included in the resulting documentation. The Tableau Provider also performs lineage analysis for Tableau reports connected to SQL Server data sources.

The Tableau Provider utilizes Tableau's REST API to communicate directly with the user's Tableau Server. This feature supports Tableau Server 10.0 and REST API versions 2.3, 2.2 and 2.1.

SSIS Package Documentation Tool

DOC xPress creates detailed documentation for your SQL Server Integration Services Packages. DOC xPress works on all versions of SSIS from 2005 to 2014. Your SSIS packages can be stored in the file system, as part of a project, in MSDB, or in the catalog (SSIS 2012/2014).

With DOC xPress, you can:

  • Create complete documentation for both Control Flow and Data Flow Task components and transformation
  • Access detailed information for all Data Flow transformations such as properties, input columns, and output columns
  • Capture information for all variables and expressions
  • Include information for Connection Managers or Shared Data Sources
  • Document all event handlers as well as which variables are being used within those event handlers


SSAS Documentation Tool

DOC xPress is able to document the structure of SSAS Servers, Cubes and Databases across all major versions of SQL Server: 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and 2014. Both Multi-Dimensional and Tabular models are supported.

In addition, you can:

  • Capture complete MDX for all calculated members and sets
  • Include complete information for all measures such as the aggregation function, data type and formatting
  • Document details for all partitions
  • Include key dimensional information, such as attributes, hierarchies and properties that are documented
  • Capture lineage information so that you can see where the data in your cube originates

Document Generation Process

The documentation generation process of DOC xPress can read from any metadata snapshot taken whether it is the most current snapshot or one taken in the past. Documentation output can be customized for a variety of audiences, as well as output to a variety of formats.

With the Document Generation Process component, you can:

  • Generate documentation in many formats, including HTML, Word, CHM
  • Tailor output to the audience, such as developers or business analysts
  • Customize output to suit the needs of your business
  • Generate documentation about an environment instantly without having to wait for sources to load each time you want to document
  • Generate documentation from both the most recent snapshot, as well as snapshots taken in the past
  • Track and document changes in your environment


SSRS Report Documentation Tool

DOC xPress documents SSRS Reports found on the File System across the following versions of SQL Server: 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and 2014. Additionally, DOC xPress documents SSRS 2008 R2, 2012 and 2014 Reports in both Native and SharePoint Integrated Mode. The tool also attempts to include missing data sets and sources referenced by reports when documenting either a Native or SharePoint Report Server.

With DOC xPress, you can have a better understanding of your reports with the documentation of Parameters, Data Sources, and Data Sets properties. The SSRS Report Documentation component gives you:

  • Detailed documentation of all datasets, including the SQL/MDX used to populate the dataset
  • Complete property listings of all items, such as matrixes, text boxes, tables, etc. on the report

SQL Server Documentation Tool

DOC xPress documents databases across all major versions of SQL Server: 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, and 2014. This allows you to easily recreate SQL Server Database documentation on objects using the full DDL Script that is captured and displayed by DOC xPress.

The SQL Server Database Documentation component will allow you to:

  • Capture statistics around the table, such as row counts, Data and Index space used
  • Document lineage information
  • Impact Analysis for the entire SQL Server stack, including BI components
  • See full DDL to create each aspect of the database

Multiple Format Support

DOC xPress gives you five different choices for exporting your documentation: RTF, HTML Frameset, HTML, CHM or DOCX. Each output form is custom designed to meet the different needs of users. Templates are included for the BI/DB Developer and the Business Analyst, or you can create your own custom template.

A major benefit of the Multiple Format Support component is that it can generate multiple versions of the same documentation into different formats to avoid having to spend time recreating the documentation for different users.

Excel Support

Microsoft Excel is the most popular reporting tool for BI. Excel spreadsheets have become just as important to business as tools such as Reporting Services. DOC xPress now supports the ability to document Excel spreadsheets with connections to data sources such as SQL Server databases or Analysis Services. DOC xPress' Lineage Analysis is now supported for Excel, allowing users to trace data use all the way from the original sources into the Excel spreadsheets where they are used.

Documentation Image Support

The ability to include images within the documentation generated by DOC xPress enables the production of more visually engaging documentation to help in the user’s understanding of the information presented. DOC xPress automatically includes images such as the package layouts and impact analysis diagrams. In addition custom images, provided with the templates, may also be included.

Import External Sources

DOC xPress imports data using a set of built-in providers. However, users have a variety of data sources, and DOC xPress allows extensibility beyond the set of built-in providers by providing the ability to create custom providers.

There are three sets of information that are included:

  • Object information and lineage endpoint names
  • Object properties
  • Lineage Links

Oracle Database Documentation


With the Oracle provider, users of DOC xPress and BI Compare can now snapshot, document, validate, and compare Oracle instance metadata. With this component, you can easily recreate Oracle Database objects using the full DDL Script that is captured and displayed by DOC xPress.

Easy User Interface


In order to give users who are first trying out DOC xPress a more productive initial experience, DOC xPress provides the Solution Wizard, which guides users through configuring a solution by prompting for key pieces of information in order to pre-generate a solution. This intuitive, easy to use interface makes it easy for even first-time users to be productive.

Hive Documentation


The provider for Hive allows Hive instance metadata to become part of a DOC xPress solution or compared with BI Compare. Best Practice rules can also be applied to Hive metadata.

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