Keep Your Documentation and Metadata Current and Accurate

With many features of DOC xPress, you can now streamline and automate the collection of metadata from your environment. You can also enable your users to maintain their own information as part of the metadata, through the data dictionary features.

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Data Dictionary

Users often want to capture additional information as part of their documentation. Information like service level agreements, persons responsible for the data, timeliness of the data and other attributes can be captured using the Data Dictionary functionality of DOC xPress. By adding annotations to existing objects in the DOC xPress repository, users can capture any additional information that they desire.

Use the Data Dictionary component to:

  • Add business definitions to any item in the documentation
  • Provide annotations useful to business users
  • Create custom fields in the data dictionary

Metadata Viewer


DOC xPress will allow you to quickly and easily view the metadata for any object in its document repository.

With DOC xPress you can view metadata trees or sub-trees from the solution window or snapshot management and also for any item within lineage.

Data Dictionary Import/Export

Data Dictionary Import/Export supports the importing and exporting of data dictionary entries to comma separated value files (CSVs). This provides integration capability with other systems, as well as the means to extract your user-entered data for use in other environments.

Role-Based Output

DOC xPress provides the ability to produce customized documentation that is targeted for different audiences. For example, a developer might be interested in a very high-detail document that did not contain images or lineage diagrams. A business analyst might be more interested in a low-detail document that had images and lineage diagrams. Role-Based Output lets you easily customize what items are included in the documentation output.

With built-in templates targeted toward developers and business analysts, you can get up and running quickly and can customize the amount and type of information that is displayed in documents.

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