A BI Expert When You Need One
One-on-one remote BI mentoring and BI project assistance that fits your schedule.
From Concept To Deployment in 4 Weeks
Develop and deploy a BI Analytics solution into production while your team is mentored on the SQL Server Business Intelligence technologies.
SQL Server Consulting Services
Combining our technical depth with our enterprise project experience is the best way to ensure your project delivers the maximum impact for your business.
Accelerate Your BI/Data Warehouse Project
Produce a functional BI solution in 5 days using all components of the SQL Server BI Platform.

High Availability and Scalability

The ability to access your data is more critical than ever. Data platform solutions need to ensure that they meet the needs of growing data volumes and guarantee that recovery from failures requires minimal effort.  Gartner reports that more than 70% of businesses wish they had more confidence in their recovery and availability strategies. Pragmatic Works is your partner to give your business that confidence. 

Our offerings focus on ensuring your data platform remains available and scales through today’s and tomorrow’s workloads.  We provide:
  • Recognized experts in SQL Server AlwaysOn technologies
  • Real-world experience with complicated business availability scenarios
  • Knowledge of data platform options leveraging both on-premise and cloud solutions
  • Experience building and executing end to end recovery solutions.

Pragmatic Works mentors work directly with your team to determine your data platform’s high availability and scalability requirements. We help determine the percentage of time your system is capable of performing its intended function, identify roadblocks to optimum efficiency, and design and implement solutions to ensure peak data availability.  In addition, we work with your team to create a plan for your environment and chart how to best scale your solution to match the growth of your business.

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