A BI Expert When You Need One
One-on-one remote BI mentoring and BI project assistance that fits your schedule.
From Concept To Deployment in 4 Weeks
Develop and deploy a BI Analytics solution into production while your team is mentored on the SQL Server Business Intelligence technologies.
SQL Server Consulting Services
Combining our technical depth with our enterprise project experience is the best way to ensure your project delivers the maximum impact for your business.
Accelerate Your BI/Data Warehouse Project
Produce a functional BI solution in 5 days using all components of the SQL Server BI Platform.

Data Integration and Management 

Pragmatic Works is the market leader in data integration and management.  Our consultant’s experiences coupled with our tool library provides a unique combination that is unmatched.  Whether it’s through ETL migrations, performance tuning or complicated data cleansing and governance, we help the best organizations in the world drive better decisions through better data.
Our offerings focus on getting you up and running on your solution quickly.

  •  ETL Migrations in record time using our expert teams and tested solutions
  •  ETL performance tuning and optimization to achieve record load times
  •  Data cleansing and governance experience second to none
  •  Leaders in Master Data implementation and Management

Our highly trained and experienced consultants mentor your team in combining multiple data sources and creating a unified view of your data.  We ensure that your data is accurate, pivotal to any solution, and our team provides you the best practices for scrubbing and validating your data.  Pragmatic Works helps to streamline these processes and teaches you how to maintain them.

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