Performance and Infrastructure

Performance demands and maintenance windows are not getting any easier to manage. Take your system performance and manageability to new heights through optimization or consolidation. Our offerings focus on getting you up and running on your solution in a short amount of time.

  • Thought leadership in building optimal data platform deployment
  • Ability to identify and resolve bottlenecks and design challenges in your environment
  • Improve TCO through consolidation leveraging virtualization and private cloud
  • Scale your environment for increased user volume

Pragmatic Works SQL Server Microsoft Certified Master, Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), and industry experts train your team on how to optimize your data platform through proactive monitoring. We mentor your team on evaluating and analyzing performance trends in order to anticipate, identify and resolve bottlenecks.

From your data center to public cloud, we guide your team in implementing the right infrastructure mix. Assisting in reducing infrastructure costs while mitigating data platform risk and improving performance is our area of expertise. Pragmatic Works implementation plans and experienced assistance can help you fast-track your performance improvements and see the impact of your changes in no time.

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SQL Server Systems Evaluation

Your data platform is one of the most critical assets for your business. Are you confident that your data platform is configured and performing as well as it can? Bring in our industry leading experts to provide an evaluation of your environment to ensure that it is performing and configured optimally.

Using proven industry best practices, we determine exactly where the efficiency of your SQL environment can be improved and how best to optimize your overall SQL Server ecosystem. At the end of this evaluation, you receive a written, prioritized list of recommendations for dramatically improving the response time of your SQL Servers.
  • Best practices for your environment and system configuration
  • Database design and index usage
  • Query performance review and analysis
  • Identification of potential system bottlenecks
  • Review of key resource utilization from IO to CPU to memory
  • Azure Cloud Readiness
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