Pragmatic Works On-Demand Elite Training

Pragmatic Works On-Demand Training gives you the ability to learn from industry experts at your own pace. Our courses cover a variety of topics including Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Big Data, SQL Server Optimization and much more!

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Key Features and Benefits

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Unlimited Classes

By purchasing our Elite On-Demand Training Package, you will gain access to our entire vault of training videos for 12 months. 

Virtual Mentoring

With the Elite package, you are provided 2 hours of virtual mentoring time. You can use these hours to ask questions about our courses or get help with projects you are working on.

Earn Class Certifications

Need to become certified on a specific course? Our Elite On-Demand Training Package allows you to become certified in all aspects of SQL Server and Business Intelligence.


Monitor the progress of your students. Track students’ progress, assessments scores and completed courses.


Compete against the rest of your team. Earn points and badges to track the progress you have made while completing courses.

Class Labs

Take what you’ve learned and apply it to a real world example. The class labs give you another opportunity to challenge yourself based on what you learned in the course.

Feature Standard$395 Pro$595 Elite$1,495
Duration 6 months 12 months 12 months
Number of Classes 1 class 1 class Unlimited
Full Online/Mobile Viewing Capabilities
Access to Class Files/Labs
Ability to Earn Class Certifications
Access to Class Assessments
Team Administration Capabilities
Virtual Mentoring 1 hour 2 hours
Access to Exclusive Courses

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