Legi Test

Automated Data Testing for All Your BI and Data Warehouse Solutions

Automated data testing helps stop bad data by validating your results from development to production giving you confidence in your reports.

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LegiTest is a comprehensive tool for testing all data-centric applications, in an easy-to-use, automated platform.

LegiTest Server
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    Build Your Tests in Minutes

    Quickly develop tests in minutes, not hours, without writing any code.

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    Unit Test Your Data

    Unit test your SQL Databases, SSIS Packages, SSRS Reports, SSAS Cubes, Web Services and more to validate the code you develop.

    See How to Unit Test Your Data
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    Integrates with Visual Studio

    LegiTest's interface integrates simply into Visual Studio, so you do not have to learn a new development environment.

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    The extensibility interface allows for extending the functionality of the generated tests.

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    Reconcile Your Production Data

    Ensure that your production data is accurate and reconciled across your systems like SQL Server, Salesforce, Web Services, Oracle and much more!

    See How to Verify Your Production Data
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    Test Your Business Intelligence Solutions

    Implement automated testing of your Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse projects, so you can trust the code you deploy.

    See How to Test Your BI Solutions
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    LegiTest Server

    LegiTest Server gives you the ability to share your tests with others and gives you trust in the data you develop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are LegiTest and LegiTest Server licensed?

    LegiTest is licensed per user, per machine where it is used. LegiTest Server is licensed per server instance, with unlimited client access licenses. Please contact sales@pragmaticworks.com for more information.

  • What versions of Visual Studio is LegiTest compatible with?

    LegiTest is only compatible with Visual Studio 2012 or 2013. If you are running on an older version, you will need to upgrade.

  • I already have testing software in place. Why do I need LegiTest?

    Most testing software only tests certain aspects of data-centric development. LegiTest allows testing across all aspects of your development lifecycle, providing validation at each stage of development

  • Will LegiTest work with the systems I already have in place?

    Yes. LegiTest easily integrates with existing systems. It can be incorporated into build processes such as MSBuild, TFS, TeamCity and much more.

  • Why should I care about testing?

    Testing your data ensures you catch bugs early, reduce delivery time, reduce the cost of testing and provides provable assurances of the validity of the data. But most of all, testing just works. Testing ensures accurate code, and more importantly accurate data.